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Hello Friends. Hope you all are okay. In this article, I have talked about The 7 best video Editing Software for Youtubers.

It’s the age of the internet. Now video marketing is exploring the way with technology development of internet speed and people’s interest.YouTube is currently the most important video-sharing platform on the web that hosts unimaginable amounts of videos. That’s why many people are want to take the profession of a YouTuber.

So Making professional YouTube videos isn’t as easy as shooting the footage and uploading them directly. Tons of post-production work must be taken care of, especially if you’re looking forward to starting your own professional. YouTube channel.

The 7 Best Video Editing Software for YouTubers

In this post, you’ll see an inventory of top video editing software for YouTube beginners. This will help you to start a Hopeful career on youtube. So let’s start:

Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Best Video Editing Software for YouTubers (Adobe Premier Pro CC)

Best Video Editing Software for YouTubers (Adobe Premiere Pro CC)

It is a well-liked video editor, which may easily modify the video, adjust colors, and process audio. a singular set of features for video editing allows processing any sort of multimedia content within the original format on desktop PCs and mobile devices.

This software is often used for iOS, macOS, and Windows. you’ll subscribe just to Premiere Pro or catch on as a part of the Adobe package. they provide 360 VR and 4K support that creates a knowledgeable tool to edit any quiet video. It’s the foremost complete tool on this list for both experts and newbies.


  • Plenty of customizable features, options, and plugins;
  • Very convenient user interface;
  • Ability to export a finished project in any of the prevailing formats;
  • Integration with other Adobe products.


  • Adding and editing titles is quite tricky;
  • The very high cost of a valid license.

Final Cut Pro

Best Video Editing Software for YouTubers (Final Cut Pro X)

Best Video Editing Software for YouTubers (Final Cut Pro X)

Final Cut Pro is the best Video Editing  Software for YouTubers who use the Mac operating system. Final Cut is arguably the foremost popular editing software on the earth, counting on which side of the fence you discover yourself on when it involves operating systems.

Final Cut Pro is one of a couple of programs on our list that has been utilized in Hollywood productions. That’s due to the high-end features which include HDR support, advanced color grading, and therefore the Magnetic Timeline which makes finding and arranging scenes simply.

Final Cut Pro costs $300 that looks like tons of cash, but this software is full of tons of wonderful features. you’ll add audio and title effect to your footage, use color-code for identification, group video, and another element so that you’ll move them together.


  • Unlimited video tracks
  • VR support
  • Ease of use
  • 4K and HDR
  • Excellent tools


  • Mac only
  • Overkill for simple edits
  • It’s so costly

Apple iMovie

Best Video Editing Software for YouTubers (iMovie)

Best Video Editing Software for YouTubers (iMovie)

If you’re trying to find elegance and ease, iMovie is the most suitable option for you. it’s one of the foremost popular editors for Mac OS, iPhone, and iPad. It includes eight themes with music, transitions, and titles, ten video filters created by Apple, and tons of various effects: an image within the image, movie, split-screen, and fast forward.

The application also has tools for creating soundtracks. one of the simplest features in iMovie is their ‘green screen’ that permits you to put your subject in any exotic location, let’s say Bali or Greenland.


  • User-friendly interface;
  • A rich selection of tools for working with sound;
  • Theater mode for sharing video with various devices from Apple;
  • Support for working with 4K video.


  • Not enough features for motion tracking and 360-degree video;


Best Video Editing Software for YouTubers (LightWorks)

Best Video Editing Software for YouTubers (LightWorks)

Lightworks may be a free software option for video editing tools. The program works on Windows, Linux, and macOS. Lightworks is an ideal platform for camera operators, editors, sound engineers, bloggers, and other media workers. It is often utilized in advertising and for private purposes, for creating home video archives and filling social networks.

Lightworks may be a perfect option for little or no-budget projects. you’ll import and render your footage within the background, drag editing windows around, and set custom keyboard shortcuts to simplify your working process.


  • Cross-platform feature.
  • 3D video processing.
  • Multichannel support.
  • The ability to edit and crop the timeline.


  • Hard-to-understand editor management system.

Virtual Dub

Best Video Editing Software for YouTubers (Virtual Dub)

Best Video Editing Software for YouTubers (Virtual Dub)

Virtual Dub is a free youtube video editor Which is for Windows, Mac, and Linux OS users. The first version of this open-source software was released in 2000, and since October 27, 2013, VirtualDub hasn’t released new versions anymore. The software was quite popular within the early 2000s but its fame quickly faded, thanks to its limited video editing capacity.

This free YouTube video editor is aimed at video editing beginners. VirtualDub’s users can capture footage, edit, or assemble videos from TGA and BMP files. Cutting, resizing, or trimming video clips is feasible, but the software only offers support for AVI file format, so you’ll experience difficulties if your camera captured footage in another format.


  • It can process an outsized number of files to edit large YouTube video
  • Overcome the issues related to digital cameras, so after editing the video, you’ll upload it to YouTube
  • DV capture from type 2 FireWire controllers is additionally supported by it
  • Ability to develop a video enter Windows Bitmap file formats and it also supports the YouTube video formats


  • Insufficient editing power for advanced editing
  • It cannot write MPEG-1 files


Best Video Editing Software for YouTubers (PowerDirector)

Best Video Editing Software for YouTubers (PowerDirector)

Basically, the YouTubers use PowerDirector for speed.

Media has changed considerably over the past decade, but Cyberlink has always been a reputation you’ll address. Whether you would like to author a DVD or edit videos, they need a tool for everybody including PowerDirector, a superb program for YouTube streamers.


  • Top-notch rendering speeds
  • 360° video tools
  • Modes for beginners
  • Reasonably priced
  • 4K and 3D capable


  • Windows only
  • Color tools might be better


Best Video Editing Software for YouTubers (Shortcut)

Best Video Editing Software for YouTubers (Shortcut)

It is a superb free video editing software that will work on Windows, OS X, and Linux. The shortcut has an equivalent principle of labor as its expensive analogs – you place video and audio fragments on the timeline and apply effects and captions. Then you’ll convert the result into a video file.

First, they designed this app for Linux users, and only after a couple of years of labor decided to make versions for Mac and PC users. That’s why the Shortcut interface may be a bit strange. they need many intuitive features, like dragging a file to import them into your project.


  • Customizable menu;
  • A wide selection of modifying options and filters;
  • Mobility of tasks, for instance, return to any stage of editing;
  • Automation of all work processes for user requests;
  • Configuration on multiple monitors.


  • It is impossible to preview filters.


There are some frequently asked questions on video editing software. This section might help you to pick the best Video Editing Software for Youtubers.

What software do most YouTubers use to edit their videos?

As I previously mentioned, the three hottest programs that Youtubers use to edit their videos are iMovie, movie Pro, and Adobe Premiere Pro CC. a primary option may be a perfect tool for beginners. If you’re an entire newbie, you’ll use iMovie on Mac OS.

What skills do video editors need?

Some basic programs, like iMovie, don’t require any photography, tech, or design skills. All you would like to possess is video footage from any device and a computer to edit the video.

What are the first functions of editing?

Usually, video editing software includes some tools that help to convert file formats, join clips, re-sequence clips, trimming, rotate, or crop footage, add sound, change brightness/contrast, or add transitions and computer graphics.

What are the steps in video editing?

The five main stages of video editing include logging, first assembly, rough cut, excellent cut, final cut.

How am I able to improve my video editing skills?

The practice is that the best thanks to improving your skills in anything, including video editing. Please choose one or a couple of tools from this collection, install them, and begin practicing. you’ll start with simple videos from your smartphone.

Last Word

This is the complete list of the best video editing software for YouTubers. I think that software will increase your productivity and work quality.

Which one is your best video editing software? Let me know in the comment section. If you like this article, Share it with your friends… 🙂

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