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Sometimes you discover yourself quickly wanting to transfer files between your Android and PC, but constantly plugging during a USB are often a hassle. Windows sound when a replacement device is plugged in.

But here a question is several methods for transferring files between Android and PC without a USB cable? Yes friend this is possible. In this article, I will show you How to Transfer Files from Android to PC.

Nowadays I think a small kid can also know the way to operate Google Drive. In this article, we are getting to discuss wireless ADB, mirrors, and just other cool methods for wirelessly sending files between Android and PC.

I think as the technology you all want to live a cable-free life cause it’s so unlikeable for you or you don’t have any USB cable in your hand. And that’s why you are here. So if you also had a wish to start living a cable-free lifestyle, then this article is only for you to read on!

How to Transfer File from Android to PC Without USB

There are many ways to transfer files from Android to PC without USB. But in this article, I will tell you about some particular methods of it. I hope it will really work.

Transfer File From Android to PC by ShareIt

ShareIt is really a fantastic way to Transfer files from Android to PC Without USB. Generally, Its uses for transferring big files and for speed.

ShareIt supports Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac. While linked both devices using the web, ShareIt will open a bridge directly through WiFi. The speed is analogous to USB cable, and sometimes even faster.

On the downside, while both devices are connected, you can’t access the internet through WiFi. And installing a fanatical app for it’s going to not convenient for a few people.

Transfer File From Android to PC by Bluetooth

We all know about Bluetooth very well. its an old but still reliable for transferring small files.

Despite this connection generally used for headphones and speakers, but on some occasions, it might help too. If the phone and computer have a Bluetooth component inside them, it’ll allow file transfer with no software.

But the pairing process sometimes takes too long, and speed performance is slower especially for transferring large files. So, if the intended data is only a few megabytes, a Bluetooth connection could also be still worth using.

Transfer File From Android to PC by AirDroid

How to Transfer File from Android to PC(Air Droid)

How to Transfer File from Android to PC(Air Droid)

Very almost like Droid Transfer, AirDroid may be a “screen mirror” software. Basically, it casts your Android screen to your PC over a wireless (or USB) connection on the local network, so you’ll control your phone from your PC. However, it also can be wont to wirelessly transfer files between both platforms.

You simply need the AirDroid software for PC and Android. You can download the link from the official site, which has links for all available platforms like Windows, Mac, iOS, AirDroid Web, etc).

You then got to either create an AirDroid account that both devices sign into, or the more traditional “Scan QR Code” method.

Once both PC and Android are synced up, you’ll use the AirDroid desktop software to remotely control your Android device, and send or receive files over the local network.

Transfer File From Android to PC by Cloud Service

Cloud Syncing is one of the methods to transfer files from PC to Android is. If you’ve got a third-party cloud service, like Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, or other cloud services, then files transfer between your PC and Android is simply a bit of cake.

With these cloud services, you’ll get to your files from your PC, phone, or tablet, and therefore the changes you create from one device will automatically sync across all of your devices. And here we’ll take Dropbox for an example. Now, let’s check the way to transfer files from PC to Android with Dropbox.

1. Open Dropbox

First, you have to open Dropbox. For this go to and sign in with your Dropbox account. Then click on the Upload Files button which is located at the top.

2. Add files to Dropbox for sync: Here click on the Choose File button and select the files you want to transfer to your phone. Now click the Start upload button, the files are going to be uploaded to Dropbox and sync to your Android device.

3. Download files to your Android device: In this sphere go to Dropbox app on your Android device and open it. Then check in with the same Dropbox account that you’ve used before. View and download the files you only added from your PC.

Transfer File From Android to PC by WiFi File Explorer

This is another app that sets up a local area connection between your Android device and browser over a WiFi network. Basically, you put in the WiFi File Explorer app on your Android device and connect your device to an equivalent WiFi network as your PC.

The app will then offer you a URL link you’ll follow on your computer ( here you can even have the app email the link to you), which can open the contents of your phone’s storage during a browser. you’ll then simply download the files from this browser view of your phone’s storage, saving them to your PC.

You can also drag-and-drop files from your PC to the WiFi File Explorer window – So for instance, the app will display your phone’s contents during a tree-style list, and you’ve got some dirtbike games on your computer in APK format, or “high quality” YouTube MP3 rips to transfer over. You much about just drag and drop them onto the window, and that they are going to be written to your SD card.

Last Word

This is the complete guide on How to Transfer Files from Android to PC. If you have any problem while transferring your file from Android to pc. Ask me in the comment section, I will try to resolve it.

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