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Friends, Hope you all are well. In this article, I will show you how can log in to Facebook or sign up and it is step by step.

Facebook is a user-friendly social networking platform, here you’ll interact together with your friends, relations by chatting or calling one. Now You Can Access Facebook Messenger in an interactive way.

If you’re new to Facebook then the primary question that arises in every newbie’s mind is How we will Start Using Facebook?

It’s very simple to use this social network, you only got to create an account on Facebook by using any of your email addresses it could be in Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, Hotmail.

Or if you don’t have an email address then you’ll also use your telephone number to make your account and access this amazing platform.

Note: You have to at least 13 years old to create a Facebook account. Otherwise, it will be illegal.

Login to Facebook

Facebook log in page

Facebook log in page

If you have already got an account on Facebook or just create a new then you only got to input your details on the Facebook login page.

  1. Open your browser.
  2. Go to Facebook.
  3. On the upper right-hand side, there’s a login form, refill your details.
  4. Enter your email (Email must be registered on Facebook.)
  5. Enter your password
  6. Click on the login button, if your details are correct then you’ll log in to your Facebook account successfully.

Sign Up for Facebook

Facebook Sign up page

Facebook Sign up page

To log in to Facebook, you have a Facebook account. Creating a Facebook account is so easy to do. You have to just do these steps:

  1. At first, go to Facebook. You can use the link that we have given you at the first of our article. You have to just click on it and it will bring you to Facebook.
  2. After you go to Facebook you can see two options Login and Create New Account. Click on Create New Account.
  3. Here you have to fill up a form by entering your name, email or mobile phone number, password, date of birth, and gender.
  4. Then click on sign up.
  5. You need to confirm your email or mobile phone number, To finish creating your Facebook account.

Now you have a Facebook account of your own.

Reset Password for login to Facebook

On Facebook, you can reset your password. To reset your password follow these steps:

  1. First login to your Facebook account
  2. Click the icon that contains a circle and triangle on its inside at the top right of Facebook.
  3. Now select Settings & Privacy, then click on Settings.
  4. Click on Security and Login.
  5. Here click Edit next to Change password.
  6. After that, you have to enter your current password and new password.
  7. Now click Save Changes.

What use of Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger

As Facebook is a popular platform Facebook Messenger is also well-known to people. some beginners think that they can chat with their friends on Facebook then what is the use of messenger.

For these people, we added this topic in our article. Because it’s also a pretty beautiful feature of Facebook. It’s not an article about Messenger so we are just adding the basic use of it.

So the uses are:

  • Sending Messages: As you can understand with its name that you can be able to send messages to your friend whom you are wanted. But there’s a condition that they also have to in Messenger.
  • Placing a Voice or Video Call: It’s quite fun to talk with your face to face even from a distance. It also helps you to make yourself free from Loneliness.
  •  Blocking and Unblocking: With Messenger, you can block with whom you don’t like or don’t want to talk with them. But don’t worry you can unblock them whenever you want.
  • Sharing Your Location (Mobile Only): You can share your location with your friend with Messenger. But there’s a limit for the user they can share their location via mobile only.
  • Adjusting Notification Preferences: You can adjust notification preferences with Facebook Messenger.
  • Using Payments with Messenger: If you want to pay with Messenger you can do this. It will help you with every payment.

Other Feature of Facebook

You have to know about Facebook’s features before you log in to Facebook and start to use it.

Facebook has quite a lot of features and its main features are the Newsfeed where the user sees contents from his Facebook friends and pages he follows, Messenger for messaging.

Timeline where it shows the Facebook user’s information and content posted or shared. the Wall, an area for the user’s content.

and Events where users can see events associated with them or their Facebook friends like birthdays or social gatherings.

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Last Word

This was a complete article about Login to Facebook or Sign Up Step by Step. Hope this article will help you to log in to Facebook.

If you find any problem during you doing these steps then don’t feel uncomfortable informing us. You can inform us by using the comment section.

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