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Turning on Bluetooth on your mac device and adding a new Bluetooth device, sometimes can be a little bit trickier. Hello everyone, I am Mehedi Hasan. In this article, I will show you How to Turn on Bluetooth on Mac and Add a Device.

Bluetooth is old technology but it’s still reliable for transferring a small file, short-range communication, and connecting two devices without cable. If you have a Bluetooth device then you can connect it to your Mac device using a Bluetooth connection.

Does your Mac device has Bluetooth built-in?

All modern Mac computers accompany built-in support for Bluetooth. you do not get to buy anything special to use Bluetooth on your MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, or iMac.

If you do not see the relevant Bluetooth options in your System Preferences panel, you likely have an old Mac that does not accompany Bluetooth. In this case, you’ve got to get a Bluetooth adapter.

How to Turn on Bluetooth on Mac

Turning on Bluetooth on a Mac device is not so difficult. to show it on, open the Apple menu at the top-left corner of the screen, and choose System Preferences. Within the resulting window, select Bluetooth.

On the left side of the Bluetooth panel, you will see the Bluetooth icon with the status below it. If it showing Bluetooth: Off, click the Turn Bluetooth On button to enable it.

How to turn on Bluetooth on Mac

How to turn on Bluetooth on Mac

That’s all it takes to show on Bluetooth on a Mac. While you’re here, we recommend checking the Show Bluetooth within the menu bar box, if it isn’t already enabled.

This will place a Bluetooth icon at the highest of your screen, allowing you to simply access Bluetooth connections without going into this panel whenever.

How to Add a new Bluetooth Device to Mac

Like macOS, most other operating systems (including Windows 10, Android, and iOS) set themselves as discoverable once you have the Bluetooth options open. For devices like Bluetooth keyboards, mice, headphones, and similar, the precise method to enter pairing mode depends on the device. Check the manual for more information.

Once the opposite device is in pairing mode, you ought to see its name appear under Devices within the Bluetooth settings of your Mac. Click the Connect button next to the one you would like to feature.

For many Bluetooth devices, you will need to verify that a provided PIN matches on both devices. confirm this is often correct, especially if you’re in a crowded area with many devices.

If you’ve got to enter a PIN manually (usually the case only with older devices), this is often likely 0000, 1111, or 1234.

Once that’s done, you’ve successfully connected your Mac and therefore the other device via Bluetooth. When they’re turned on and in range of every other (roughly 30 feet), they’ll automatically connect.

Add new Bluetooth Device in Mac

Add new Bluetooth Device in Mac

In case your devices don’t automatically connect, you’ll always do so manually. within the Bluetooth settings panel (as well because of the menu bar icon), you will see any devices that you’ve got previously paired show up under Devices.

Make sure the device is on, then double-click its name to attach thereto. If it doesn’t work, disconnect it from the other paired computers first.

To remove a tool, right-click it within the list of devices and choose Remove. Once you are doing this, the device will not automatically connect, and you will need to pair it again to use it.

How to turn on Bluetooth on Mac without Mouse or keyboard

If you do not have any USB keyboard or USB mouse available, and both the mouse and keyboard are Bluetooth instead. It’s usually iMac, Mac Mini, and Mac Pro users who encounter this experience, during which case the subsequent steps are necessary:

Make sure the Bluetooth keyboard and Bluetooth mouse have enough battery power and are turned on

Disconnect all physical devices from the Mac PC except the facility cable.

Reboot the Mac (or boot the Mac if it had been shut down) using the physical hardware button located on the machine (it’s usually on the rear on modern Macs)

This will trigger the Bluetooth setup wizard and detect the Bluetooth devices and enable the service automatically, assuming they’re within range and sufficiently charged.

Understand Mac system Bluetooth icon

If you’ve enabled the Bluetooth menu bar icon as mentioned earlier, you will see the Bluetooth logo there all the time. you’ll click it to quickly toggle Bluetooth, hook up with a tool, or open the complete preferences panel.

Understand Mac system Bluetooth icon

Understand Mac system Bluetooth icon

As it seems, the Bluetooth icon also changes to present information:

  1. The dark icon means the Bluetooth is turned on but o device is connected.
  2. The muted icon with three dots over it allows you to know that Bluetooth is on and you’ve got one or more devices connected to your Mac.
  3. A clear icon means Bluetooth is turned off.
  4. If you see an icon with a coffee battery symbol, it means a minimum of one connected device is low on battery. this might not appear for all devices.
  5. Finally, an icon with a zigzag line over it signifies that Bluetooth is unavailable. Try restarting your Mac to repair it. If this does not work properly.

Having Bluetooth trouble on your Mac?

Confine in mind that there is a practical limit to what percentage of Bluetooth devices you’ll hook up with a computer. If you’ve got quite three or four devices connected directly, you’ll experience poor performance and won’t be ready to add more devices. attempt to only pair devices you propose to use regularly.

Also, remember that Bluetooth features a distance limit. this is often typically around 30 feet but depends on the precise devices you’re using. Interference from other wireless devices or obstructions also can affect this range.


This is the complete guide on How to Turn on Bluetooth on Mac and I hope now you know everything about How to turn on Bluetooth on a Mac device and How to Add a new device to Mac.

After connecting a new device it will work smoothly. but if you face any problem while doing your job asl me in the comment section I will try to resolve it.

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