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Hello guys, In the age of technology, we often call and speak to someone that we want to. And sometimes we feel the need to record this call. In this article, I will show you How to Record a Phone Call on Android.

There are many reasons why you would possibly want to record a call. It might be an interview with someone and you would like to form sure you’re quoting them correctly.

It might be because you would like to document all of your conversations with a corporation representative. you would possibly want to record a call to recollect instructions from someone that you simply couldn’t write immediately.

The utilization cases that demand that you simply record a call are endless. Luckily you could record a call on Android and via certain workarounds, even on an iPhone.

How to Record a Phone Call on Android

Please remember that it’s illegal in some places and unethical in most cases to record a call without other people’s permission. And its always let people know that the decision is being recorded and stop the recording if they’re not comfortable with it.

Call Recorder is an Android app that will record calls and it allows you to back them up to the cloud or categorize them. Remember to see the reviews of the other recording apps before you buy.

No 1. Cube Call Recorder

Boldbeast Call Recorder

Cube Call Recorder

I think Cube Call Recorder is the easiest method to record calls on an Android phone.

  1. First, download Cube Call Recorder.
  2. Open the app on your Android phone.
  3. Grant the app with the permissions it asks for.
  4. Tap Enable Overlay.
  5. Make sure to disable battery optimization for Cube Call Recorder. this feature is present in Settings but its exact location varies across phones. We recommend you open Settings and look for optimization.
  6. Now call someone or answer any call you receive. The cube will automatically record the discussion for you.

Note: On some phones, the number of recorded calls could also be a bit low. The recording is obviously clear, so this is often just a minor issue.

No 2.Boldbeast Call Recorder

Boldbeast Call Recorder

Boldbeast Call Recorder

Boldbeast Call Recorder is one among those apps that either works perfectly for you or it doesn’t work at all. This app costs 9.99$ and you also can get it free. you could check the Google Play ratings if you don’t believe us.

In any case, the decision recorder app is really pretty much made. you could set it to manually record calls with a hotkey if you would like to. It also functions as a voice recorder just in case you would like to try to do that.

The app boasts support for all phones with Android 8.1 right down to Android 5.0. It works on Android 9.0 with root and Android 10. For recording phone calls with Boldbeast call recorder, you can try these steps:

  1. Install Boldbeast Call Recorder. you can install it from Google Play Store for free
  2.  Here see if Your Device is Supported Without Root
  3. Configure the Boldbeast app
  4. Now Record Calls
  5. Access The Recordings that you have recorded (If you want)

No 3.Otter Voice Notes

Boldbeast Call Recorder

Otter Voice Notes

Otter Voice Notes is a transcription service and voice, note organizer. This app will cost you only 4.99$ per month, either you can get it free also. With this app, you could listen and organize your notes, transcribe existing voice notes, and more. It doesn’t actually record calls like these other call recording apps.

However, you can import recordings from a number of those apps into this one for extra organization. You get 600 minutes of transcription service per month for free of charge.

Then there’s a subscription. Thus, if you get an honest recording from another app, you’ll catch on transcribed with this one so you’ve got both audio and written records at your disposal.

Record a call on an Android phone by Google Voice

If you’re a Google Voice user, this is often super easy for you. If you are not, well, you could always found out a Google Voice account and become a Google Voice user. Then this method is going to be super easy for you also.

Before you’ll actually record a call, you’ve to first enable the decision recording feature. you can do that on both the online and therefore the Android app, and the steps are essentially equivalent either way. I’m using the online here, but I’ll specify if something is different on the Android app.

So here the step for the Google app online that you can do to Record a Phone Call on Android:

    1. First, fire up the Google Voice
    2. Open the Settings menu by sliding within the menu from the left side and then select “Settings.”
  1. On the web, click on “Calls.”In the Android app, just scroll down until you see the Calls section.
  2. The last option online is “Incoming Call Options,” which is where you’ll enable the feature to record calls or start a call. Use the slider to enable this
  3. In the Android App, you’ve got to tap on “Advanced Call Settings,”
  4. Then enable Incoming Call Options. It’s also worth mentioning that this feature is synced across devices, so you simply need to roll in the hay in one place or the other—once enabled, it’ll work anywhere.

However, it’ll only work if the person calls you—you can’t record a call when you’re the one who initiated it, which is honestly just quite strange.

Either way, subsequent time you would like to record a call, simply tap “4” on the keypad during the decision. An audio prompt will let both users know the decision is being recorded. to prevent recording, just tap “4” again—another prompt will state the recording is off.

Bottom Line

This was a complete article about How to Record a Phone Call on Android. Hope this article will be helpful to you.If you find any problem or another issue that you are not understanding then don’t feel awkward informing us.

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