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Hello guys, we all who have a Google home want to connect it to a Wi-Fi network. But having trouble thinking that how to connect Google Home to Wi-Fi. Today I am going to show it. This guide will make you walk through connecting your Google Home to Wi-Fi.

The Google Home line features are an assortment of interactive products that are controlled by Google Assistant. This voice-driven service responds with an array of commands. But you must connect google home to a Wi-Fi network to get a Google Home device to listen to those commands that you give. So let’s start:

How to Connect Google Home to Wi-Fi Network

Before you connect a Google Home device to your wireless network, confirm you’ve got the wireless network name and password handy. These the other things that you have to make sure of while you are trying to connect your Google Home to Wi-Fi for the following:

  1. You have the latest version of the Google Home App.
  2. A Google account.
  3. An Android or iOS device in your hand.
  4. And as I say before the name and password of your wireless network.

Connect Google Home to Wi-Fi Network by an initial setup

The way to connect Google Home to a Wi-Fi network by an initial setup is so easy and effective. For this, you have to follow these steps and your connection will be established.

How to Connect Google Home to Wi-Fi Network1

How to Connect Google Home to Wi-Fi by an initial setup

  1. At the very beginning, you have to Open ”the Google Home app.
  2. Now select the Google account you’re linking your device to.
  3. A trend Account within the bottom-right then found out device.
  4. Then go under the ”menu”, and select the location of your device and its name.
  5. When the list of Wi-Fi networks appears, choose your network, enter the password, and tap Connect.
  6. The pair will then greet for a couple of moments before the app notifies you the device is connected.

Connect Google Home to Wi-Fi Network for the second time

If your Google Home was found out but now must be connected to a different Wi-Fi network or an existing network with a changed password, take the subsequent steps:

How to Connect Google Home to Wi-Fi Network2

How to Connect Google Home to Wi-Fi for the second time

    1. Also in this case first open ”the Google Home app”.
    2. Tap the ”device” button, which is found within the upper-right corner of the screen.
  1. After that, You’ll be able to see a list of your Google Home devices, each with its user-specified name and image. Now locate the device you would like to attach to Wi-Fi and tap its ”Menu button” (the three horizontal lines within the upper-right corner of the speaker card)
  2. Select Settings” When the pop-up menu appears.
  3. If you have done then Scroll down to the ”Device settings” section and tap Wi-Fi.
  4. In this sphere, You’ll see the Google Home device’s Wi-Fi settings. If the Google Home is currently connected to a network, select ”Forget This Network”.
  5. Here Choose to ”Forget Wi-Fi Network” for confirmation.
  6. If you have been out of your current connection so now tap the ”device” button again from the app’s home screen,
  7. Select Add New Device”.
  8. You’re prompted to travel to the iOS or Android device’s Wi-Fi settings and hook up with the customized Google Home hotspot within the network list.
  9. Now return to the Google Home app. Here the speaker should make a sound. If you heard this sound, then select Yes”.
  10. In the ”Where is this device” screen, select the location of your device (for example Living Room, bedroom, etc).
  11. Enter a name for the Google Home speaker that you like but one thing that you have to remember, your name has to be unique.
  12. From the list of available Wi-Fi networks, choose the network to which you want to connect to Google Home. Then tap Next”.
  13. After that, enter the Wi-Fi network password, then tap Connect”.
  14. Finally, a successful connection message appears following a brief delay.

By following these things you can easily connect your google home for the second time. So friends as I think it’s a quite big process but so simple to do.

Finishing line

In this article, I have tried to help you in connecting Google home to a Wi-Fi network. I don’t know how much have I succeed but if it looks a little bit informative and helpful to you that will be a great pleaser to me.

Friends if you like this then share it with your friend and have any confusion or question don’t feel uncomfortable making us know. We will try our level best.

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