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Facebook is a social media platform where people stay in touch with their friends and others. Making sure your Facebook profile stays private is relatively straightforward, but there’s no way to stop other people from sending you messages using the Facebook platform.

But you may don’t see all messages on your Messenger. In this article, we will show you How to Show Hidden Messages on Facebook.

What is the hidden Facebook Messenger second inbox?

The problem stems from the very fact that Facebook has two inboxes for messages — one for people within your immediate social circle and therefore the other from friends of friends and spam.

If you get a message from someone Facebook thinks you would possibly know (such as a lover of a friend) you will get a Message Request sent to your regular inbox, which you’ll prefer to Ignore or Hide.

However, you would not get a Message Request for all the messages sent to you. Facebook filters out those it thinks could be spam, so you continue to could be missing some messages, which are sent to a ‘hidden’ inbox.

How to Show Hidden Messages on Facebook

The ways to show hidden messages on Facebook are a very short and easy process to do. Here we will show you three simple and effective methods that you can follow to solve this problem. So let us get started:

Show Hidden Messages on Facebook on Desktop

With this method, you can see all hidden messages on Facebook on your desktop. If you are a desktop user then follow the below methods:

Step-1: Open your Facebook home page in your browser so that you can see the newsfeed

Step-2: Then click Messager in the list on the left of the page, just below your name and profile image.

Show Hidden Messages on Facebook on Desktop

Show Hidden Messages on Facebook on Desktop

Step-3: Now you can see the main Facebook Messenger inbox look at the top-left of the page, you can see a cog icon just select it.

Step-4: Now Click on Message requests. Any that have been filtered will be listed below it.

Show Hidden Messages on Facebook on Desktop(1)

Show Hidden Messages on Facebook on Desktop(1)

Step-5: Then select the See filtered requests option.

Show Hidden Messages on Facebook on Desktop(2)

Show Hidden Messages on Facebook on Desktop(2)

Step-6: To put the message in your main inbox area, click it to view it and click Accept below the text.

Show Hidden Messages on Facebook on Smartphone

The method of Smartphone is Quite different from desktop. If you are a user of a Smartphone then follow the below steps:

Step 1: First launch the Messenger app on your smartphone.

Step 2: Click People at the very bottom of the messenger.

Step 3: Click on Message Requests. Now you can open any requests of your messenger to see who is messaging you.

Show Hidden Messages on Facebook on Smartphone

Show Hidden Messages on Facebook on Smartphone

Step 4: Now choose to Delete or Reply to whatever you want to do.

Requests and Community Standards of Facebook Message

Facebook applies Community Standards that cover bullying, harassment, threats, and sexual violence or exploitation. If you are feeling you’ve got received a message that violates these standards, you can report the message to Facebook.

Reporting a secret message will decrypt the encrypted message therefore the Facebook Help Team can review the message.

When this happens, Facebook doesn’t tell the one that started the key conversation. Once you report a secret conversation on your Facebook, recent messages from that conversation are going to be decrypted and sent securely from your profile to Facebook for review.

You furthermore may have the choice to block anyone from sending you messages on Messenger. You’ll also be able to block them on Facebook.

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Last Line

Friends this was a complete guide on How to Show Hidden Messages on Facebook. Hope this guide will help you to Find Hidden Messages on Facebook

If you face any problem during you follow these methods that we had told you in our article then please don’t feel uncomfortable to inform us.

You can inform us in the comment section. We will try our level best to answer your questions.

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