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The router is the gateway to connect with the internet using digital devices. A router creates a LAN(Local Area Network) and it can connect multiple devices. For this reason, you should make your connection.

Changing the router password periodically can keep your connection secure from the wrong person and shield your data from potential hacking attacks.

A week password can cause an unwanted connection. One or more unwanted connections can slow down your internet speed. Sometimes the unwanted guest connection conflict with your bandwidth limit.

It makes sense to use a strong password and change it periodically. Most of us the default router password that is provided by the manufacture and we do not know how to change them.

Password shud be a mix of string and numbers that are you can remember easily. In this article, I will show you how to change your router password. so, let begin.

Change router password

Many routers come with their default password “admin” or something similar like this. There are lots of router brands available in the market. In this article, I will show you how to change the password in some popular branded routers like TP-Link, D-LInk, or Netgear.

Changing password in Netgear router

Step-1: To change your Netgear router password make sure you are connected with your router. To access your router setup page open a web browser and visit its default IP address – / /

Step-2: After Visiting an authentication prompt will appear on your screen. Enter your login information(default username and password) and click on the login button.

Log in to Netgear

Log in to Netgear

Step-3: From the left sidebar select Wireless. Now select WPA2-PSK [AES] from the Security option and enter your new password then click apply button to complete the process.

Enter new password

Enter new password

Now we have successfully changed our Netgear router password. After changing your router password you have to re-authenticate your connection.

Changing password in TP-Link router

Step-1: At first Login to the Router admin panel using its default IP Address – /

Step-2: Navigate to Wireless => System Tools =>  Password.

Chane TP-Link router password

Chane TP-Link router password

Step3: Enter your old username and password then a new username and password. Click save to apply that change.

Changing password in D-Link router

Step-1: At first Login to your router settings page via its default IP Address – / / http://dlinkrouter.local.

Step-2: Enter your default password. If you do not change it then leave it blank or type “admin” and log in.

Step-3: Now go to Wireless => Wireless Security => Security Mode set to WPA2 only => Pre-Shared Key: and enter your new password then click on the Save button to apply that change.

Now restart your Router and re-connect your device using your new password.

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Wrapping Up

This is the complete guide on how do you change your router password. In this article, we just learn how to change the password on Netgear, TP-Link, and D-Link routers but the same method will be applied for all routers.

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