Hi guys, hope you all are well. If you’re trying to find another source to download apps and games free of charge? you’ll download your favorite games and apps from there for free then you’ve got landed on the proper page. In this article, I will try to find out the 5 best Play Store alternatives.

And you recognize what the simplest thing is, we’ve picked each and each app individually and are posting here after researching tons. So, we hope you’ll love them. before finding out the best play store alternatives please read our editorial’s best themes for Android.

Why do we Need the Best Play Store Alternatives?

Well, it’s going to be a weird thing for tons of users that why we’d like to play store alternatives once we can download quite 2 million Android apps and games from the Play Store.

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Well, the solution is extremely simple, there are thousands of apps and games which aren’t on the Play Store like BCMON, and tons of other apps and games also are not on the Google Play Store.

Now I feel you’ve got got the solution, let’s dive into the best play store alternatives.

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The 5 Best Play Store Alternatives

Here I will be able to list the top-rated sites and apps stores that are available for downloading apps on Android devices. Some apps and games are so cool that you simply also can download the paid games free of charge too. So, it’ll be very exciting for sure!




Aptoide is one of the best Play Store alternatives. it’s a bunch of recent apps like Facebook, Nest, YoWindow Weather, Fleksy, and lots of recent games.

However, the most draw of Aptoide is its looser regulations for content. Of course, this provides the app store a touch of a badlands feel so confirm you pack an antivirus app if you employ this one.

Aptoide suffered a knowledge breach in 2020. However, since you’ll use the service without creating an account, its security issues didn’t affect any of us.

Get Aptoide

Amazon Appstore



The Amazon Appstore is probably going the foremost competent and best play store alternatives. It’s the stock app store on all Amazon Fire devices. the shop features a sort of apps, including some big, popular names.

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It also has all of Amazon’s various apps and it wont to be the only home of Amazon Prime Video. this is often an actual app that you simply can install on any Android device without plenty of issues.

It also runs concurrently with other app stores if you would like to use quite one. It could use some optimizations, but it’s otherwise more positive than it’s negative. We do wish it had a far better selection, though.

Get Amazon Appstore

Ac Market



Ac Market or AcMarket is my favorite app because it provides a tremendous user experience. Although this all is new it’s developing in all time and not it’s quite 1 Million apps available and therefore the developers are continually working to enhance it.

It’s developing roadmap can easily make it the best play store alternatives. although it is user friendly and easy to use for beginners.

Get AC Market

APK Mirror



All right, so APKMirror isn’t technically an app store, but rather an app repository integrated with Github. you’ll find all types of stuff here, including some beta apps you can not find on Google Play Store.

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This isn’t a full store experience and that we only recommend it if you would like to undertake something specifically or find an older APK of an existing app so you’ll roll back to a previous version thanks to bugs or preferences.

Get APK Mirror

Get Jar



This is the most important and best play store alternatives open AppStore within the world founded in Lithuania in 2004. this is a multitype application store.

Here you’ll get the most mobile applications like Android, Windows, Symbian, and Java. GetJar is that a free service you access this service by visiting their website.

Get Jar App

Last Word

I think now you’ve got enjoyed our article Best PlayStore Alternatives for 2020. If you’ve got any questions & suggestions or if you have another best play store alternatives then you’ll allow us to know below within the comments section.

Thanks for reading, Spread the Knowledge!

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