Is your android device is slow or hanging? If yes? you have to try these 7 best Android cleaner apps to enhance your android device performance.

Every device finishes up with slow performance after a few weeks or a month of usage. due to the device you’re using is fully loaded with unwanted and junk files, now you have regular maintenance to your Android devices.

If you seeking ‘how to boost RAM, remove cache and junk files and want to boost your Android’s performance, you would like to possess a cleaner app (you can install it from Playstore). If your play store doesn’t work there are The 5 best play store alternatives.

The Android cleaner apps tune up your device and clear the cache and junk files and help to spice up Android performance. These apps also clean your RAM by killing background apps and tasks this will instantly impact your overall device performance.

Best Android Cleaner Apps

Finding the best Android cleaner apps that live up to their promises. A nasty cleaner app wastes storage space at the worst, it could infect you with malware and spam you with ads.

There are the 7 best cleaner apps for Android devices you can try.

All-In-One Toolbox



Cleaning junk files from your Android device is merely one part of the task. When you think about monitoring your battery, or your CPU temperature. The appropriately-named All-In-One Toolbox is here to try to do it all.

The Boost function will close all background apps, again with two taps. you’ll set this automatically with the Boost+ function if you’d prefer, but doing so requires an in-app purchase.

Features of All-In-One Toolbox:

  1. Cleaning temporary files on your Android device
  2. Wiping your Android device cache
  3. Delete empty folders and orphaned files
  4. A simple and user-friendly design.
  5. Deep clean by force closing running apps.
  6. Boost RAM by closing unwanted apps that are running in the background.

It just takes one tap to research your device, then another tap to delete, and you’re done. It’s an identical process with other areas of the app, too.

Download All-In-Toolbox




CCleaner is the most popular app for all platforms. Which is an out there apps for Android and Windows. it’ll boost your device’s RAM and storage by killing background applications, cleaning accumulated cache and junk files.

It’s also the simplest storage analyzer app for Android.

This app allows you to delete browser cookies, application cache, content on clipboard, call logs, and lots more.

You’ll also uninstall unwanted applications from your device with CC cleaner and release device storage.

Feature of CCleaner

  1. App manager ( You can uninstall unwanted apps here).
  2. System Monitor (Updates for CPU, RAM & Disk usage).
  3. Storage analyzer and cleaner.
  4. Super battery option.

Download CCleaner

Super Clean



Super Clean – Master Cleaner & Antivirus may be a powerful cleaner with advanced features for Android devices.

This app has an antivirus feature that will assist you to get rid of viruses from your android device.

Around the world over 1 billion people are using Super Clean, this app also available as a lite version and antivirus version.

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Feature of Super Clean:

  • Delete junk files and reduce storage.
  • Scan virus and remove from the device.
  • Boost RAM storage and performance.
  • No spam and ad notifications.
  • super battery mode.

Download Super Clean

Avast Cleanup



Avast cleanup is that the best and highly effective Android cleaner apps, which allows you to remove junk files, cache, and RAM. The app manager helps you to uninstall an unwanted application that was installed on the device.

This app available in two free modes free and premium, the premium has some extra features compared to the free version.

Feature of Avast Cleanup:

  1. Junk Cleaner
  2. App Manager
  3. Storage booster.
  4. Device manager with System monitor.
  5. Hibernation mode helps to increase battery life.

Download Avast Cleanup

Norton Clean



Norton Clean Android cleaner apps are developed by the world’s largest cybersecurity Industry Symantec. You can use Norton Clean app to delete residual junk files, cache files, and take away unwanted apps to hurry up Android devices.

This app gives you the power to release storage and optimize device performance.

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Features of Norton Clean:

  1. Cach and junk file cleaner
  2. Stored APK file identifies and removed.
  3. Storage optimizer.
  4. RAM optimizer.
  5. Application to delete useless applications.

Download Norton Clean

Droid Optimizer



Droid Optimizer is the best Android cleaner apps. With around 1,000,000 downloads from Google Play Store. It’s simple and user-friendly, with an introduction screen that walks you thru permissions and features.

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It offers a motivational “ranking system” designed to motivate you to stay your device always fresh.

If you don’t mind having your device alert you into better habits, Droid Optimizer is the best Android cleaner apps for you.

Feature of Droid optimizer:

  1. Browser history cleaner.
  2. Accelerate device performance and boost RAM.
  3. Application Manager to remove useless.
  4. Find large files and delete them easily to free up device storage.
  5. Save battery by killing unwanted background running apps.

Download Droid Optimizer

SD Maid



SD Maid is basically storage cleaning apps. It is a  digital Android cleaner app for your phone. It keeps the experience as simple as possible. This app gives you four quick action features you can use to clean up your device.

The CorpseFinder feature allows you to search and erases any orphaned files or folders leftover from deleting an app.

Features of SD Maid:

  1. Find orphaned files.
  2. System Cleaner.
  3. App cleaner to remove useless apps.
  4. Database optimization.

Download SD Maid

Last Word

Above is the list of best android cleaner apps that really can boost your android phone’s performance. Thanks for reading!  Keep sharing. Let us know your opinions in the comment section below.

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