Windows 10 DVD players allow you to play a DVD on your computer. If you are seeking free DVD players for your Windows 10 computer? you are in right place. In this article, we are going to list 10 free and feature-rich DVD players for your Windows 10 computer.

DVD is an analog technology and there are many advanced technologies arrived. But in this age, many users still prefer the quality of DVD. If you are one such user of DVD and you want to playback it on your computer, then this article can help you.

Does Windows 10 have a DVD player?

Unfortunately, Windows 10 does not have any DVD player by default. If you insert a DVD into your Windows 10 PC, you may face some problems. But Windows 10 has an official paid software called Windows 10 DVD player. You can purchase it from the Microsoft store.

The 10 best Windows 10 DVD players

We already know that Windows 10 doesn’t have any DVD player by default. Because of that, we have to use some most feature-rich DVD players for Windows 10. Now I will tell you about the 10  best Windows 10 DVD players. so that you can find the best for your computer.

GOM Player (Editor’s choice)


Gom player

GOM player is a veteran media player software that is a trustworthy DVD player for windows 10. That provides effortlessly playback content from DVDs, and CDs. There has a major highlight of the GOM player which is its ability.

This player allows you to download subtitles through its library. Someone could download subtitles for movies while playing a DVD. The next ability that I have to tell, it can play corrupted or broken media files.

The capabilities for Windows 10 are top range offered by this free DVD player software and it’s even after more than 10 years of existence. A thing that may annoy some users on the GOM player is advertisements.

Advertisements on GOM Player might annoy some users. GOM Player consider as a perfect alternative to Windows 10 DVD player. The next noteworthy feature of the GOM Player is the ability to play corrupted or broken media files. Lastly, you can even play IFO files using GOM Player.

Download Gom Player

5K Player


5K Player

The first and possibly the foremost feature-rich DVD Player on the list is 5K Player. additionally to playing physical DVD’s 5K player supports every mainstream digital media format like MP4, MOV, M4V, MP3, AAC, and lots more.

This famous media player features a very well-developed interface, and it can seamlessly playback videos in Full-HD/4K/5K/8K resolutions. 5K player employs both the CPU and GPU resources of your computer to supply a smooth playback experience, and it even reduces the frame drops within the process.

Lastly, 5K player also supports AirPlay service which will turn your computer into an AirPlay Receiver or AirPlay Sender.

Download 5K Player

VLC Media Player



The next best DVD player on the list is that the good old VLC Media Player. This popular DVD player has stood the test of your time, and it runs flawlessly even on low-powered computers. you’ll effortlessly playback movies from a DVD using VLC Media Player. Additionally, VLC Media Player also supports Audio CDs, VCDs, and ISO images.

Since VLC Media Player is open-source software, you won’t notice any advertisements. you’ll even customize the UI of VLC Media Player as per your preference, and it even supports third-party plug-ins. Lastly, VLC Media Player also can be wont to convert multimedia files and download videos.

Overall, it’s a reliable media player, and it can easily playback DVDs.

Download VLC Player



BlazeDVD Player

The next media player on this list is devoted to playing DVDs. Unlike other DVD players on this list, BlazeDVD is out there in two versions, namely the free version and therefore the professional version. The free version is right for many users, and it simply gets the work done.

The UI of BlazeDVD is visually impressive, and it’s easy to navigate also. Additionally, BlazeDVD supports mainstream video formats like AVI, MPEG, VOB, WMV, DTS, HD, and lots more.

The premium version of the BlazeDVD player offers many exciting features like learning mode, subtitles, smart stretch, parental controls, bookmarks, capture images, and lots more. Overall, BlazeDVD may be a reliable DVD Player, and you’ll enjoy it.

Download BlazeDVD Player

Pot Player


Pot Player

The next one is Pot Player. This feature-rich media player uses your computer’s hardware to its full potential, and it relies on DXVA, CUDA, QuickSync to supply a smooth playback experience. you’ll even enjoy 3D content using the Pot Player.

Pot Player can play DVDs, Blu-rays, and other sorts of video and audio formats. Moreover, since it supports external codecs, you’ll play any video format. Overall, it’s a trustworthy media player, and it can easily playback DVDs.

Download Pot Player




KMPlayer is one of the most feature-rich DVD player software for Windows 10. because of the lightweight setup of KMPlayer, it runs flawlessly even on low-powered systems and laptops.

Some of the main highlights of KMPlayer are self codec support, support for many mainstream audio & video formats, and video capture function.

Similar to the VLC media player, KMPlayer allows users to feature subtitles in several formats like SMI, ASS, SRT, PSB, S2K, SUB, TXT, and LRC. additionally, to Windows, KMPlayer is available for macOS, iOS, and Android.

Download KM Player




The next HD DVD player for Windows 10 on the list is RealPlayer. What makes this free DVD player for Windows 7 stand out from the gang is its visually impressive and intuitive UI. you’ll playback both audio and video-based content on this media player.

To playback DVDs, you’ll get the RealPlayer Plus or purchase the RealTimes subscription package. additionally, to being a feature-rich media player, RealPlayer also doubles up as a file converter. Furthermore, you’ll even use this DVD player to download online videos using its browser plugin.

Download Real Player



Leawo Player

Leawo is that the next best DVD Player for Windows 10 that’s worth finding out. The aforementioned 100% free Blu-ray player also can be used as a DVD player, HD video player, ISO file player, and audio player. you’ll install Leawo on Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10.

Leawo supports quality-lossless video resolutions of 720P, 1080P, 1080i, and 4K (2160P). Lastly, Leawo also allows users to use hardware acceleration to enhance playback quality.

Download Leawo Player



PowerDVD Player

The best free DVD player for Windows 8 & 10 on the list is PowerDVD. Well, PowerDVD may be a feature-packed DVD player and it’s developed by Cyberlink.

PowerDVD can playback DVD, Blu-ray discs, movies, videos, audio, photos, VR 360? content, and far more.

PowerDVD also can be wont to download videos from content streaming services like Netflix and Vimeo. Lastly, PowerDVD is one of many media players that support 8K video playback.

Download Power DVD Player

Macgo Windows Blu-ray


Macgo Windows Blu-ray

Even though this media player is primarily designed for macOS, the manufacturer announced that the Windows version of the app goes to become available soon.

The Macgo Windows Blu-ray player is predicted to supply support for a broad range of Blu-ray file formats and video files, which should enable its users to observe or hear content with no restrictions.

The media player also can display a spread of photo file formats, including CR2 files, and its users can utilize it to flick through their photo collections and ever view RAW files.

Download Macgo Windows Blu-ray Player


So these are Windows 10 DVD players that allow you to play a DVD on your PC. Do share any of your recommendations within the comments section below.

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