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Now technology has changed our experience of playing games. With technology, we can play games virtually and enjoy them as we wish.

Exactly for this reason now many gaming platforms have been introduced. One of the gaming platforms is Steam. We can play games on Steam when we are alone, with friends, family, in one word as a group.

And if you do it that takes your experience to a whole new level. To enjoy this experience you have to share games on Steam. But the question is how you can do it.

Here’s nothing to worry about because in this article We will show you How you can share games on Steam. So no more talk let’s check out the methods:

You Need to know before Share games on Steam

Here are a few things that you should know before you share games on Steam using Steam Family Sharing. Hope that will help you to survive some confusion.

1. You can use Steam Family Sharing only for up to Five Steam accounts.

2. You can play from 10 devices across these five accounts.

3. you can’t play only specific games. Instead, you authorize access to your entire Steam library when you choose to share games on Steam.

4. Some games are not available for sharing for some technical limitations.

5. At a time only one user can access the Shared library and one more thing if any guest person wants to access the shared games must be online.

6. If your shared library contains a game with DLC, the guest can also access that DLC – but as long as they do not own the base game.

7. Additionally, while guests can’t purchase DLC for the shared library, they will purchase, trade, or earn in-game items. however, this content won’t be shared between accounts and belongs to the guest’s Steam account.

8. Never give your password to anyone and only play with familiar computers you know to be secure.

How to share games on Steam

On steam, you can connect your friends in two different ways. Here are these two methods:

Share games on Steam using Family Sharing

Step-1: First, open the Steam application.

Step-2: Select Steam located at the top left corner of your device screen.

Step-3: From the drop-down menu, you have to select Settings (if you are on a PC) or preferences (if you are on a mac)

Step-4: Now you can see the Family option on the Settings menu, just select it.

Step-5: Here you can see what other users have logged into Steam on the same computer.

Step-6: Then check the box that reads Allow Library Sharing on this computer and the users that you would like to share with.

NOTE: Both users have to agree to this and one more thing if you want to deauthorize any account then you can do it with this same menu.

When you are done with the above steps you can now share a game library with the others who use that computer.

Share games on Steam between different Computers

With this method, you can play games with another one who lives halfway across the world. And it will be still possible to play alone at a time from a shared library.

So the steps are:

Step-1: On your computer, you have to log into the account that you want to share games from.

Step-2: When you are logged in, log out and back into your own account.

Step-3: Then go into your family settings (in the above method we have shown you how to go into Family settings) and check the box that reads Allow Library Sharing on this computer.

Step-4: Now Steam will acknowledge that the other account has been used on your computer.

Step-5: You have to make it available for family sharing and giving you access to its game library.

NOTE: With whoever you are sharing can now be able to log into your account on their computer and they will have access to your game library.

You can share games with up to 10 different computers with this method.

Disadvantages of Share games on Steam

With some advantages, sharing games on Steam has some disadvantages also. Here is the list of them:

1. Steam-sharing features are not perfect.

2. From up to 10 different computers, only five accounts can access your gaming library.

3. To access the shared libraries you will need an internet connection.

4. Your library can be shared only in its entirety.

5. You cant play some games because they are not qualified for sharing. They require a subscription.

6. The games can only be accessed by one person at a time, you will not be able to play games together.

7. The account holder only has the priority to access their games. If somebody wants to play games and the other is playing the game at the same time then they will have an option to buy the game or end the session.

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Last word

Friends this was a complete guide on How to share games on Steam. Hope this guide will help you with the information about methods.

If you face any problem during you follow these methods that we had told you in our article or you have any question to ask then please don’t feel uncomfortable to inform us.

You can inform us in the comment section. We will try our best to answer your questions properly and as soon as possible.

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