Barcode is a little bit older than the QR code. But it is still the reliable method of representing data in a visual, machine-readable form. In this article, I will show you how to scan a barcode with iPhone or iPad.

Scanning a Qr code using your iPhone is so simple. Just open your default camera app and hold it in front of your Qr code it will automatically scan it and gather information for you.

When it comes to scanning a barcode using your iPhone. It highly unluckily your iPhone does not have any built-in application to do your job. But don’t worry, there are many third-party applications available in the market that can nicely do your job.

Third-party apps for iPhone to scan a barcode

As before I say there are several various apps in the App Store for scanning barcodes, as well as QR codes. There are some free and reliable apps that you can install from the App Store and use for scanning barcodes.

QR Code Reader

This app is best for scanning for QR codes but you can scan your barcodes as well. It can display useful results, such as the full name of the product and recent retail price history. Also, it can suggest products Amazon, Google shopping results, and more.

Quick Scan QR Code Reader

This is the best app for scanning retail barcodes, personally, I don’t like this app not much. Because after scanning a barcode you have to watch a video advertisement before seeing results. But you can try it it’s also free for download.

Scandit Barcode Scanner

This is the powerful barcode and QR code scanner available for free to download. If you need to scan multiple barcodes or perform a batch scanning of barcodes you can try it.

Scan a barcode With iPhone using the QR Code Reader app

Step-1: To scan a barcode using the QR code Reader app at first you have to install it and start it on your iPhone.

Step-2: Hold your phone to the front of your barcode that you want to scan. After successfully scan your barcode you will hear a beep and possibly see an ad on the screen.

Step-3: Close the ad to see your barcode result. You can see the items on Amazon or Google Shopping list. Also, you can copy text from your barcode result.

Step-4: To perform another scan tap “Close” from the top right of your screen.

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Last Word

So, this is the complete guide on how to scan a barcode with iPhone or iPad. In this article, I had shown scanning a barcode on iPhone but the same method will work for iPads.

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