Hey, Hope everybody is well. Today we will learn about a very important subject. That is how to record the screen on Linux by kazam.

Nowadays we have to record the screen of our computer for various purposes. Apart from presentations, online classes, tutorials, YouTube content, many people get embarrassed when they go to record short videos at different times.

Today we will see how to record the screen on Linux by Kazam. So let’s learn today how we can record Linux our screen.

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There are many types of video recording software available on the Internet. Some are free and some are paid. Today I will show you how to record videos of your choice with free software.

Conventional software:

  1. Kazam
  2. RecordMyDesktop
  3. SimpleScreenRecorder
  4. Vokoscreen
  5. ScreenStudio
  6. Wink
  7. Freeseer
  8. Byzanz-record
  9. OBS
  10. VLC

Install Kazam on Linux

When you think about the Record screen on Linux Kazam is a go-to tool. Kazam is a free lightweight and reliable small screencasting tool. you can easily install Kazam and still using it. there is two popular way to install kazam on your Linux Desktop.

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Install Kazam via Package Manager

Installing kazam from Package Manager is o simple. Just open the Package manager application from your desktop dashboard and search for Kazam. Then you will see the Kazam Screencasting and Screenshot application on the top of the list from there just click on the install button then it will be done.



Install Kazam via Command Line

If your system is up to date then you can install Kazam using just a single command. Kazam is available from Debian8/Ubuntu 16.04/Linux Mint or other versions of the Linux repository, just run the below command in the terminal and install Kazam.

sudo apt install kazam

If you are using Ubuntu 14.04 then you can get the latest version from PPA. Install Kazam by running the following 3 commands one by one.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:kazam-team/unstable-series

sudo apt update

sudo apt install kazam python3-cairo python3-xlib

Now you have successfully installed Kazam on your System. You can also download the kazam source and install it.

Now Record Screen on Linux

We have successfully installed Kazam on our system. Now we can record our computer screen. for doing this just go on your system dashboard (Application launcher) and open Kazam.



This is the Kazam interface from there select screencast and configures your necessary options and then click on the Capture button.



After clicking the Capture button your recording will be started. When recording is on you can Pause or Finish Recording by clicking on the Kazam Recording icon. Showing on the system tray.



After finishing recording you can instantly edit via Openshot or any other editing software available for Linux. If you want to save your video then check on Save for later option and click on the continue button. Then select the location and complete the process.

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You can also record the screen on Linux using other software. Kazam is a primary tool for a screencast on Linux, for this reason, I didn’t show them like today. I hope the other software will be discussed one day. Until then, everyone will be fine. Thanks for patiently reading the whole thing.

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