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Facebook is the most popular social media platform of all time around the world. Today I will tell you about how to log in to Desktop Facebook on android.

If you looking for getting access to Desktop Facebook on your android mobile, I think this article will defiantly help to do that.

Facebook has many forms like mobile Facebook, desktop Facebook, etc. Facebook uses an IP locator, Browser identifier, and other web technologies to identify the user.

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If you are using an android mobile phone and you want to open the full desktop version of Facebook you cannot access that.

Because Facebook will track your device and redirect you to Mobile Facebook. However, you try to access web facebook using a particular web Facebook URL. For example (web.facebook.com).

Advantages of Desktop Facebook in Android?

In the Mobile Facebook or Facebook Android app, you can not access many of the features of Facebook. The desktop version of Facebook empowers you to contact a much bigger gathering of individuals. this is often due to the way that, even with a rising mobile market, the lion’s share of Facebook users still get to the location through the desktop.

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The desktop remains the predominant model in terms of elements and customization and control. On the off chance that you simply need extreme control over your posts, as within the length, position, and so on, then the desktop version benefits you more.

As far as user options are concerned, desktop makes for fewer demanding engagements and you’re ultimately getting to achieve more desktop news feeds of a greater amount once you make a post or specialize in a billboard.

The disadvantage of Desktop Facebook in Android?

Facebook is eventually getting to place a greater amount of its attention on mobile. This could be a year or two shortly off. However, the desktop goes to play the second fiddle within the Facebook band.

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For marketing, you’re eventually getting to spend extra money once you make advertisements focused on the desktop. The thing here is that you’re achieving more individuals, however numerous organizations just can’t manage the value of the speculation expected to realize such a spread.

How to login Desktop Facebook in Android

login Desktop Facebook in Android is so simple, but a little bit tricky. There have many ways of opening Desktop Facebook

there are two simple methods of accessing Desktop Facebook on your  Android phone. Just follow those steps to do that:

Direct Link Trick Method

In this method, you can open the full desktop version in android by using a direct link. I think it is maybe the first and easiest method that you can use for the opening of the full desktop version of Facebook on Android. so let’s start guys:

1. At first, you have to log in to your Facebook account using the mobile version of the website from your Android device.

2. When the mobile version of Facebook will be shown on your mobile screen. Now type https://www.facebook.com/home.php  in your browser.

3. Then select ”GO”.

But you have to be sure that you are typing the URL as exactly as I specified.

After doing this, the full desktop version of Facebook should display in your browser. If you face any problem accessing Desktop Facebook then try Browser Setting Method.

Browser Setting Method

The second method for opening the full desktop version of Facebook is to requesting the Desktop site. Generally, Android browsers have a choice to view the desktop version of the page built-in.



1. first, open mobile facebook on any android browser.

2. if you are using Google chrome (Default Android Browser) then press the ‘menu button which is located in the upper-right corner.

3. After that, a thing like a list will be shown on your screen. You just have to check on the ‘Desktop site’

4. If Facebook was not reloaded then manually reload this.

In some cases, you’ll change the UAString or User Agent String within the app settings to reflect a desktop browser. this may allow the browser to always render the complete desktop version of the websites you visit.

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So, friends, this was a simple article on Login Desktop Facebook in Android.

Hope it will help you to access the desktop version of Facebook on your Android mobile phone. But after that, if you face any issue or problem. Then leave a comment so that we can help you.

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