Laptop Keypad Not Working

A laptop is a very helpful technology in the age of modern science. But the laptop doesn’t fulfill without a keypad, we can also say that keypad makes a laptop truly a laptop.

Think that you are working with your laptop and suddenly some of your laptop keys are not working or maybe a whole section of keys is taking forever to reply.

Laptop Keypad Not Working

When your laptop keypad not working, your computer is useless. For laptop computers, this is often an enormous problem as you cannot simply swap the keyboard as you can with a desktop PC. Here we show you the foremost common problems and solutions.

Laptop Keypad Slow to Respond

I think the most frustrating thing is to wait for something while you are working on a laptop. So if your keyboard is functioning, but there’s lag or a delay between you pressing the keys and your inputs appearing on the screen, then the great news is that this is often rarely a hardware problem.

One reason for a slow reaction in your keyboard presses is the accessibility feature “Filter Keys” has been turned on. This one causes the keyboard to ignore brief keystrokes to form typing easier for users with hand tremors. a useful feature for a few but to not most. In this case, you have to these steps for turning off “Filter Keys”

  1. First, click the start menu of your laptop.
  2. Then go to the settings
  3. Click on the Ease of access.
  4. Now you can see a keyboard option on the left sidebar. You have to just press it. scroll down and make sure that the Filter key is turned off.

If the problem was on the Filter key now your keypad will be ok.

Reboot Your PC

If your problem is still on it’s time to reboot your computer. Rebooting is a great way to troubleshoot problems like this. Sometimes your keypad may not work for any software errors. In this case, you can fix your problem by simply Rebooting your computer.

If you cant can use the trackpad or mouse to reboot the PC, then just hold down the facility button for about 10-15 seconds to show the PC off, then turn it back on.

Update Keyboard Drivers

Updating the keyboard Driver is the easiest and best working method to fix the laptop keypad not working. To update your  keyboard drivers just follow the steps given below:

Laptop keypad not working Update Keypad driver

Laptop keypad not working (Update Keypad driver)

  1. open the start menu.
  2. Search by entering the device manager.
  3. Now click The Device Manager icon which will appear in the results.
  4. Scroll the list of devices until you see keyboards, then expand the list.
  5. Right-click the keyboard device and choose Driver.
  6. Here you have to click Update Driver and wait while Windows finds a replacement driver and installs it.

Test the keyboard with a word processing system, or perhaps the Windows Notepad app—with any luck, it should now work.

Adjust Your Keyboard Settings

Certain software settings can cause your keyboard to behave erratically, however, they were intended to be beneficial.

For instance, if your keyboard’s Repeat Delay setting is just too short, pressing a key might type two or more characters.

Laptop Keypad Not Working Adjust Keyboard

Laptop Keypad Not Working Adjust Keyboard

Head to your keyboard’s settings by opening the beginning menu or typing “Control Panel,” and checking out the Keyboard within the upper-right corner of the instrument panel of the window.

On the other hand, if you notice that a delay between pressing a key and the character appearing on the screen. You can adjust the Filter Keys setting. For that you have to do:

  1. Click on the start menu
  2. Search for Ease of access, if you can find then enter that menu
  3. Now click on Make the keyboard easier to use
  4.  In this sphere uncheck that box, if Filter Keys is turned on, and press OK to see if it helps.

Here if your laptop keyboard is behaving strangely make sure that the Stocky Keys is also turned off on this menu.

Clean the Crumbs

For the Laptop keyboard not working clean the crumbs is so effective solution. If your laptop keyboard seems dirty inside then you have to clean it causes it can be the reason for not laptop keyboard not working.

So hold your laptop upside down, or at the very least at a 45- to a 75-degree angle from horizontal

Then give the laptop a good shake.

Sometimes crumbs from working lunches or your last snack break can get stuck under the keys. This is more of a problem for older laptops, but it’s worth a shot even on a new one.

If you’ve got a keyboard vacuum or a can of compressed gas, give the nooks and crannies of your keyboard a fast cleaning.

If one or two keys are stuck due to soda spillage, pop the offending key get through the keyboard, and check out to wash the maximum amount of dried liquid from the key switch as possible.

Now dab some lotion or soapy water on a rag (not onto the keyboard) and clean away the sticky residue. A cotton swab also can are available handy here, just take care and do not disassemble the key switch unless you recognize what you’re doing.

If an in-depth section of the keyboard is stuck due to liquid damage, sort of a spilled cup of soda or coffee, your best recourse could also be to possess the keyboard assembly replaced.

Finishing Line

This is the complete guide on how do you fix  Laptop Keypad Not Working. If none of the afford mentioned methods is worked please contact a computer expert. If you have any questions queries or suggestions leave a comment below.

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