It wasn’t that way back that trying to connect Xbox 360 Controllers on PC was either impossible. otherwise, you needed many wires and cords. the great news is that new technology has made it easier to connect your Xbox 360 Controllers on PC by using Bluetooth and similar methods.

Connect Xbox 360 Controllers on PC

Xbox 360 is a popular gaming console device. Connecting your Xbox 360 Controller with is not an exception, and even older models should connect to your computer without too much trouble.

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Connect Wired Xbox 360 Controllers on PC

Connecting Wired Xbox 360 controller with pc is not rocket science. The wired Xbox 3 controller is USB, you just need to do some mouse clicks and it’s done. Your Xbox 360 Controllers may come with a driver installation disk that you can use for connecting it with your pc.

If you don’t have any driver installation disk or any other reason that you cannot connect your Xbox 360 Controller with your pc just simply follow those steps.

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1. Download the Xbox 360 controllers software for windows directly from Microsoft Accessories. You can also download the driver for the wired controller from here.


Download Xbox 360 Controller software for Windows

  • Visit here for downloading the Xbox 360 controller software.
  • Select the Windows version from the dropdown menu you are using and download.
  • Now run the Xbox 360 installer and complete the installation process.

2. After the software has been installed, plug your Xbox 360 controller using the USB port on your computer.

It’s sometimes happened, after connecting your Xbox 360 controller in your computer Windows will automatically install the necessary software.

3. Now test your Xbox controller is working properly. To test that the software and the Xbox controller are working together properly follow these steps:

  • Open Run command from your pc type “joy.cpl” and hit Enter.
  • Navigate to the Xbox 360 controller and Properties
  • Begin pressing buttons, and moving around the touchpads. you will see the corresponding part of the controller on the computer.

Connect Wireless Xbox 360 Controllers on PC

The wired Xbox 360 controller has a USB connector, so using it for PC gaming is easy, but things get a touch more complex if you’ve got a wireless  Xbox 360 controller. Let’s take a glance at how you’ll enjoy wireless gameplay on your PC while minimizing the headaches.

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To use a Wireless Xbox controller on a PC, an ingenious Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver is required. you’ll get this from Amazon or tech stores. Most of the third-party receivers won’t work, so while purchasing make certain to shop for an officially licensed Microsoft receiver.

1. Install wireless receiver on your PC: connect the receiver’s cable into the USB port of your computer and for the drivers to put it in automatically.

2. Installing the drivers manually: if the receiver’s drivers don’t install automatically, use the disc that comes with the receiver and install them manually.

 Power off your Xbox 360: if there’s an Xbox 360 in your home, confirm it’s turned off otherwise, the controller will hook up with it. Disconnect the console from the facility source before proceeding.

3. Press & hold down the ‘Guide’ (Xbox logo) button.

4. Release the button when it starts flashing.

5. Now, press the ‘Connection’ button on the receiver. it’s in the middle of the receiver and pressing it’ll activate the receiver’s light.

6. Press the ‘Connection’ button of your controller.

7. await the devices to urge connected.

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Now, you’re able to control games together with your Wireless Xbox 360 controller.

Last Word

The above is all you would like to try if you would like How to Use Xbox 360 Controllers on PC. And counting on what Xbox 360 controller you employ, the steps are often rather simple. If you fetch any problem please comment below I will try to solve it.

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