When you use a backdated Firefox version it’s can leak your security and give you a low browsing experience. Hi guys, in this article I will show you how to update Firefox step by step.

Firefox is one of the most popular web browsers around the world. The main reason for its popularity is it provides bulletproof security and use low system resource.

The Firefox web browser provides a high-quality Development environment for web developers.

Using Firefox you can browse websites as a mobile user, whenever you are using a desktop version of Firefox Browser. For browsing websites as a mobile user just follow this simple keyboard command Ctrl + Shift + M.

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Why We Should Update our Firefox Browser

Mozilla foundation updates its Firefox browser frequently. they try to make a newer version better than better by decreasing Security issues and upgrade performance with the new features.

Web technology is upgrading day by day. Some CSS Pseudo-elements and Newer versions of Javascript can throw a major error in your older version browser.

If you want to access modern websites then you need an up-to-date browser. As before I say the latest version of Firefox browsers comes with fewer security issues and more features.

An up-to-date Firefox web browser can give you more power to secure your privacy from internet scammers and fishing websites.



Image credit (Mozilla Foundation)

How to Update Firefox

Firefox Updates automatically by default. If Firefox not getting updates automatically on your device. You can update Firefox on your device Manually.

In this article on how to update firefox, we are going to update firefox on Windows, Mac, Linux.

Update Firefox in Windows, Linux, and Mac

Updating Firefox in Windows is not rocket science. you can easily update following those steps.

This article shows the process of a system running on the Windows 10 operating system, but the same steps apply for Firefox on Windows 7/Vista, Windows 8, Linux, and Apple’s OS X.

Note: Before Updating Firefox Make sure you are properly connected with the Internet.

Automatically Update Firefox in Windows, Linux, and Mac

Note: If you use your Linux oficial packaged version of Firefox, you have to wait for an updated package to be released PPa to its package repository.

As before I say by default Firefox gets automatically update. For any reason automatic update note working in firefox you can try those steps.

1. Click the (three-bar icon) from the top right.


Firefox browser

2. Now click on Preferences. When you click on Preferences Firefox Settings Window will appear.

Note: In Windows it’s celled Options.


Firefox menu

3. In Firefox Settings scroll down for the Update option and check for updates.


Firefox Settings

4. Now Click on Update firefox.

In my case, My Firefox browser is up to date, for this reason, Check Update button is gone.

Manually Update Firefox in Windows, Linux, and Mac

In some cases, The automatic update method can throw an error. Whenever you check it manually.  In this case, you can perform the manual Firefox update. For Manually Update Firefox in Windows, Linux, and Mac simply follow those steps below.

1. Click the menu button (three-bar icon) from the top right.


Firefox Browser

2. Now select the Help option.


Firefox browser

3. Click on About Firefox.


Firefox Help options

4. After click on About Firefox, a small window will appear, and then Firefox will automatically check for updates and start downloading.

update firefox manually

Firefox About screen

5. When downloading Firefox is completed Click on Restart to update Firefox.


Firefox about screen

After clicking on the Restart to update the Firefox button firefox will close and start installing the update version.

This method can Change you Firefox settings.


In this article, I am trying to cover How to update Firefox step by step. If you fetch any problem please comment below I will try to solve it.

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