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If your Son’s speaker has any bug and you want to reset it or if you’re giving your speaker to a friend or family member, Resetting your Sonos speaker may help you. In this article, I will show you How to Reset Sonos Speaker Step by Step.

However, note that this is often different than rebooting your system by unplugging it and plugging it back in. Unlike an easy reboot, a factory reset will permanently erase all of your speaker’s information, settings, and music.

How to Reset Sonos Speaker

Resetting Sonos speaker is so easy. In this article, I will mention the best method according to the Sonos support team. This method can little bit different depending on your Speaker model. However, the steps are similar to all Sonos speakers.

To completely reset your Sonos Speaker follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Unplug your Sonos speaker to show it off. Or if it is a battery-operated Sonos Move, take it off its charging base and switch the device off.
  2. Locate the 2 buttons on the highest of your device and hold them down. counting on your device, the buttons are going to be different — they could be “Join,” “Play/Pause,” or “Mute.” It doesn’t matter what they are doing.
  3. On the Sonos Move, rather than holding the highest two buttons, just hold down the “Join” button.

    How to Reset Sonos Speaker

    Press and hold the two top buttons

  4. Plug your device back in, or place it into its charging cradle, while you are still holding the buttons. Your Sonos’ light will blink orange and white, then turn green.

    How to Reset Sonos Speaker

    Hold buttons as they flash orange and white

  5. Once the sunshine turns green, abandoning of the buttons. The green light should still get on, which suggests it has been successfully reset to factory condition.

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Reset the Sonos controller app

If you have any problem with sons controller app and you want to reset it you can do it by following some simple steps:

How to Reset Sonos Speaker

Reset the Sonos controller app

  1. At first Open the Sons App.
  2. Tap on Setting (Gear Icon), from the right bottom corner.
  3. Now tap App Preferences.
  4. Now Tap on Reset App.
  5. Finally, Confirm your resetting progress.
  6. 1. Open the Sonos app.

Bottom Line

This is the complete guide on How to Reset Sonos Speaker Step by Step. If you face any problems while resetting your Sonos speaker feel free to ask me.

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