Hi there! would you like to enter the login password whenever you log in to your PC? I don’t like it anymore. Because my PC doesn’t have any important files. Today I’m here to guide you How to remove the password on a Windows 10 PC.

It’s a very bad idea for removing your login password from your Windows 10 PC. If you have owned a computer in your private home that no one but you will ever touch. If it’s true, why not remove your Windows 10 password?

You can remove the password feature on Windows 10 if you want faster and easier access to your computer. Windows login password is the best way to secure your data and privacy.

Why You Probably Shouldn’t Remove Password in Windows 10

Removing the password in Windows 10  is a bad practice however you like it. Removing the password in windows 10 can leak your security. When you are using a shared PC you should use the login password. Without a login password, your documents, photos, and videos can be stolen by the wrong person.

There are several things to consider before removing Windows 10 login password.

  • To remove the windows 10 login password you must have to use a local account. If you continue using Microsoft account you can’t remove your login password. At first revert your Microsoft account to a local account for removing password.

Sign out your outlook/hootmail account from your computer to revert your Microsoft Account to local account.

  • Removing the password can make your computer more vulnerable. Anyone can access your computer by simply walking up to it.
  • If your Administrator account doesn’t have the password anymore some malicious Software can run on your computer without your permission.

Yeah, that’s tons of important caveats. the reality is, we generally recommend against using these techniques, albeit, in certain circumstances, they could add up. In the end, we’re writing about them because we’ve seen the recommendation passed around on other sites without noting the important risks it involves.

Advantage of removing password

There is no major advantage of removing password on Windows 10 computer. By removing the Password on your computer you can log in to your computer without any authentication process. It is a fast and easy but non-secure method.

How to Remove Password in Windows 10

Many people of us are want to remove their password in windows 10. So that windows 10 devise can just load and not bother you with a password. If you are only one person who touches or uses the computer. And you want to remove the password, you can follow those things to do that:

1. In the beginning, you have to click on the Start menu. Then select the Settings icon to open the Settings app.

2. When the Settings app will open you have to navigate on  ”Accounts”


Windows 10 Settings window

3. Now you will find a list of settings on your screen. On the left side of the list, you can see a  “Sign-in Options” just select it. Then on the right, you can see the” change” button under the  ”password” section. you have to click it.

4. In this place, you must first confirm your current password for security reasons to change your password. If you have done that, click on ”next”.


Put your Current Password

5. In the next section here you have to leave all the fields blank and click on ”next”.because you are not entering any password and leaving it blank. For that automatically Windows will replace your current password with a blank one.


Put New Password

6. Finally, you have to click on ”Finish”.


Finish Password Changing

So, guys, all work is done for removing the password on windows 10.

Next time when you will go to log in, all that you have to do is click ”sign in” for the account you had just changed.

How to Automatically Sign Into Windows

By removing the password, automatically signing an option is best for you. there is some security risk in this method. In the automatic sign-in method, anyone can walk up to your PC.

I think it’s not a good idea for a Laptop you carry around with. If you are a single user of it then you can try this method:

1. In the Run command type netplwiz and hit Enter.

For Run Window Press Windows + R key from your keyboard.


Run Window

2. Now select your username from User Account shown below.


User Accounts

3. From red marked option uncheck the checkbox and Apply then Ok.

Your job is just done. Now when you boot on Windows 10 you don’t have to put your username and password. But you still have to use your username and password on the lock screen.


Remove Password from Screensaver Windows 10

Screensaver helps you to save power by turn off your Display light when you not using your device.  But screensaver will kick out your login session. While you are at work this thing can give you a boring and bad user experience. Here is how to disable the Screensaver logout option.

1. From the Settings apps, navigates to Account and then Sign-in option.


Require Sign-in

2. Below the Require Sign-in Click on the dropdown button and select Never.

Now anytime when you sign in to your Computer you don’t have to use username and password.


Hope you all understand how to remove password in windows 10 PC. If you have then it will help you to get rid of the bothering of your password. It will

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