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Facebook Messenger is not just a place to getting in touch with your friends. It is also a fantastic place for playing games. In this article, we will show you How to Play Messenger Games on mobile and desktop.

Facebook Messenger’s games are now available to its users around the world, which is now allowing everyone to play.
playing Messenger Instant Games is pretty simple, and it takes but a moment to get started.

List of Messenger Games

Here we are showing you the list of Messenger Games. You can play these games on Messenger.

  • Endless Lake (platformer)
  • EverWing (action game)
  • Hex FRVR (puzzle game)
  • Arkanoid (action game)
  • Words with Friends: Frenzy (puzzle game)
  • 2020 Connect (puzzle game)
  • PAC-MAN (action game)
  • Wordalot Express (trivia and word game)
  • Templar 2048 (puzzle game)
  • Brick Pop (puzzle game)
  • Bust-A-Move Blitz (puzzle game)
  • Space Invaders (puzzle game)
  • Shuffle Cats Mini (action game)
  • The Tribez: Puzzle Rush (puzzle game)
  • TRACK & FIELD 100m (sports game)
  • Galaga (action game)
  • Zookeeper (puzzle game)

Above all the games you can play whatever you want. It’s the meter of big joy for game lovers because the list is also very big.

Know Before You Start Playing

To play Facebook Messenger Instant Games, you would like to first confirm you’re running the latest version of the Messenger app, which you likely are.

If for any reason you’ve disabled the Messenger app updates, you have to manually update Messenger by pulling it up within the Google Play Store and tapping the “Update” button. Await that update to end, then tap “Open” to launch the app.

The new Messenger interface may be a tad different than the previous iteration, as you’ve likely noted by now. The interface you see, though, will depend upon whether you’re using Android or iOS.

If you have the latest version then there’s no need to do these things.

How to Play Messenger Games

There are many ways to play games on Messenger. In this article, we will show How to Play Messenger Games on mobile and Computer. So let us get started:

Play Messenger Games on iOS Mobile

Nowadays people are using mobile of different brands and qualities. If you are a user of iOS then the below method is for you. So the steps of this method are:

Step-1: At first, open Facebook messenger.

Step-2: Open a chat first to see a small gamepad controller icon. If you’re a user of iOS, you should see a small gamepad controller icon on the bottom menu of a Messenger chat.

Step-3: If you want to send your friend challenges to beat you then you have to choose carefully, as you’ll then be prompted to send that friend a challenge to beat your score.

Step-4: Once you have tap the gamepad icon, you’ll see a simple list of games, which presently includes things like some games name, and other simple things. There are you can find some modern popular titles like “Words With Friends.”

Play Messenger Games on iOS Mobile

Play Messenger Games on iOS Mobile

Play Messenger on Android mobile

If you’re a user of Google’s mobile OS, things are a touch different (but only a bit). So the steps are:

Step-1: As we say above at first open Messenger.

Step-2: Then open a talk and appearance for the tiny circle with a + symbol inside.

Step-3: Tap that and a menu will open with colorful icons for specific things.

Step-4: Tap the ‘Games’ bubble and a game page will open that appears equivalent to the one shown above.

Play Messenger on Android mobile

Play Messenger on Android mobile

Play Messenger on Desktop

The method of How to Play Messenger Games on Desktop is so easy and short to do. the steps are:

Step-1: First, log in to your Facebook account in a browser.

Step-2: Open Facebook Messenger

Step-3: Start a conversation with your friend in Messenger.
You’ll be able to see a game controller icon above the text field.

Step-4: Click the icon and it will show you a list of games.

Step-5: Select one of the games to launch them.

After you do these steps now you can play the Facebook Messenger games.

Play Messenger games without challenging friends

Playing against your friends is really a matter of fun, but sometimes it happens that you want to play alone instead of directly challenging someone.

Doing this is fortunately pretty easy and available. And for this you have to do these steps:

Play Messenger games without challenging friends

Play Messenger games without challenging friends

Step-1: Open the most Messenger screen (the screen where all of your chats are listed)

Step-2: Then scroll down for a neighborhood called ‘Games.’

Step-3: After you click on it you’ll access the games’ list directly there

Step-4: launch a game without browsing a selected chat.

If you’re not seeing the ‘Games’ section by itself, there’s also a simple ‘workaround’. You have to just start a Messenger chat with yourself then launch the sport therein chat.

you can still challenge your friend, but your friend is going to be you.

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Last Line

Friends this was a complete guide on How to Play Messenger Games. Hope this guide will help you with How to Play Messenger Games.

If you face any problem during you follow these methods that we had told you in our article then please don’t feel uncomfortable to inform us. You can inform us in the comment section. We will try our level best to answer your questions.

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