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Microsoft Word Document is very popular for its best performance in word processing and document creation. But Many of us don’t know How to insert a line in word or face problems in it.

If this is your problem also then nothing to worry about because we are here to help you. In this article, we will guide you on How to Insert a Line in Word (Quick and Easy).

How to Insert a Line in Word

There are many ways to insert a line in a word. But the thing is some lines are horizontal and some are vertical. So in this article, we will discuss both word lines. Let’s get started:

Insert Line in word by Horizontal Line Tool

This is the first method in our article. It is an easy method to do:

  1. Place the cursor where you would like to insert a line.
  2. Go to the Home tab.
  3. Now you have to select the Borders drop-down arrow and choose Horizontal Line which is In the Paragraph group.
  4. To change the design of the line, double-click the line in the document.
  5. In the Format Horizontal Line panel, modify the width, height, color, and alignment of the line.
how to insert a line in word (horizontal line tool)

how to insert a line in word (horizontal line tool)

Insert Line in word by using the keyboard shortcut

Before you start the method you have to understand how this works. If you understand the method you can use key combinations to make different variations on a plain, horizontal line that spans your Word document from margin to margin. Now let’s talk about the method and here we will talk about horizontal lines:

Step-1: At first, you have to open your Word. For this click or double-click, the Word app icon And icon is a white ‘W with a dark-blue background.

If you would like to draw a line in an existing Word document, you’ll instead double-click the Word document to open it and skip the next step.

Step-2: Click the Blank document. It’s located on the upper-left side of the page.

Step-3: Place your cursor where you would like your line to appear. you will need to get on a blank line, as this would possibly not work if there’s text before or after your cursor on an equivalent line.

You’ll be creating a horizontal line that spans from one edge of your page to the opposite. The line will stop at your set margins.

Step-4: Type three dashes during a row. To do that use your dash key on the amount row at the highest of your keyboard, or on the numeric pad, you can find it.

Step-5: Now press ↵ Enter to convert the dashes into a line. This may automatically create a solid line that will situate itself directly beneath the previous line of text.

Note: The line doesn’t occupy the space of a line of text, but instead exists between lines of text.

Step-6: Use different characters for various line styles. There is a spread of various lines that you simply can create by using characters other than the dash:

  • To insert a clear single line, type three hyphens (—).
  • To insert a clear double line, type three equal signs (===).
  • To insert a line, type three asterisks (***).
  • If you want to insert a bold single line, then type three underlines (___).
  • To insert a wavy line, you have to type three tildes (~~~).
  • To insert a triple line, type three number signs or hashtags (###).

Step-7: Move the line by entering the text above it. you can prompt the line to move down by typing text above it then pressing ↵ Enter.

Deleting text above the line will be prompt it to move upward.

Insert Line in word by using the Borders and Shading dialog box

You can apply a line or custom border lines to at least one or more paragraphs using the Borders and Shading panel. As we say this method is quick, easy, and effective. To insert a line in Word or  a paragraph using the Borders and Shading dialog box the method is:

  1. First. select the paragraph to which you would like to feature a line.
  2. Then click the Home tab within the Ribbon.
  3. Click Borders in the Paragraph group and a drop-down menu appears.
  4. Select Borders and Shading. Here a dialog box appears.
  5. Now select a border style, color, and width.
  6. Click between the guides within the sample area on the proper right.
  7. Click Options (if required), enter any offset amounts to regulate the space between the road and therefore the paragraph, and click on OK.
  8. In Apply to, ensure Paragraph is chosen. Click OK

These are the Borders and Shading dialog boxes that we have shown you in the picture. Here you can add a line or lines to paragraphs:

how to insert line in word(border and shading dialouge box)

how to insert a line in word(border and shading dialog box)

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Bottom Line

Friends this was a complete guide on How to Insert a Line in Word. Hope this guide will help you to insert a line in Microsoft Word Document. If you face any problem during yo follow these methods then please don’t feel uncomfortable to inform us. You can inform us in the comment section. We will try our level best to answer your question.

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