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Connecting a phone to your tv is not an easy task. If you want to connect your phone to a TV then you are in right place. In this article, I will show you how How to Connect a Phone to a TV With USB Cable.

In this age, smartphones usually come with a USB cable that is supposed to be charging and files transfer to the computer. As time goes away, USB has become a versatile port ever. Now, it lets you connect the phone to the TV.

Why Use USB To Connect Phone to TV

If you hook a phone to your TV with a hardwired connection, you enjoy a low-latency signal. as an example, if you propose to mirror your phone to television for gaming, you’ll be wanting a USB connection instead of a wireless configuration. This vastly reduces lag.

Plus, for situations where you lack Wi-Fi or have a weak wireless signal, you will need a wired connection instead.

How to Connect Phone to TV With USB Cable

Since Tv comes with a USB port we can use it to connect our smartphone and tv. However, connecting a phone to tv with a USB cable is not so easy.

There are some methods that you can try to connect the phone to the TV with a USB cable. In this article, I will tell you about five methods so that you can do it so easily.

Connect Phone to TV With An Adapter Or Cable

How to Connect Phone to TV With USB Cable

Connect Phone to TV With An Adapter Or Cable

This method works once you want to mirror your screen onto your TV to transmit the display on-screen. If you want you can use an HDMI adapter or cable to attach your phone to a TV and mirror the content on your screen.

A USB to HDMI adapter is that the easiest option as you merely plug the adapter into your phone and plug the HDMI cable into it to attach to your TV and watch from your phone. make sure your phone supports HDMI Alt Mode, which lets it output video.

Some Android devices have micro or mini HDMI ports for direct connection to HDMI over one cable, so it’s important to see whether your cable is compatible before it is connecting your devices.

Connect Phone to TV Using MHL

Connect the Phone to Tv using MHL is also a good choice. The Mobile that has a High-Definition Link protocol allows compatible smartphones or tablets to attach to a TV.

The overall setup for using MHL to attach your phone or tablet to a TV with USB requires you to possess an MHL-enabled and compatible phone or tablet, HDMI and power line, USB to HDMI MHL cable, or adapter, and a display with HDMI input.

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If your phone supports MHL, connect it to the HDMI MHL adapter and fasten an HDMI cable, then hook up with your TV.

Here you  Don’t have to worry about your phone or tablet battery running out of juice, because this type of adapter features a charging port so your device can charge while you are watching.

Connect Phone to TV Using SlimPort

MHL is one of the simplest and best ways of connecting your phone or tablet to your TV with USB, but you could also use a SlimPort cable, which works almost like MHL because it serves content from your device to your TV display except its outputs are different.

MHL and SlimPort are both plug-and-play, but MHL is restricted to HDMI video output, whereas SlimPort works with HDMI, VGA, DisplayPort, and DVI. This suggests that you could use it for various displays, including older TVs that don’t have digital inputs but have VGA.

SlimPort and MHL are also different in power supply; the previous doesn’t draw power from your device, while the latter does, which is why you would like to attach an influence cable with the MHL method.

To use this SlimPort method, you’ll need a compatible device, SlimPort adapter or cable (it is depending on your device), display with HDMI, VGA, ​DisplayPort, and DVI input, plus a video cable.

Plug the SlimPort adapter into your phone, and fasten it to your TV using the proper cable and you’ll view your screen on your TV.

Connect Phone to TV Using a Lightning Cable

How to Connect Phone to TV With USB Cable

Connect Phone to TV Using a Lightning Cable

This process is analogous to connecting your Android phone or tablet to a TV with USB, except you’ll need a Lightning cable, which differents together from your iPhone model.

Most people have an iPhone 5 or newer with a Lightning connector, except for HDMI outputs or VGA connections, you would like a Lightning digital AV adapter or a Lightning to VGA adapter respectively.

For iPads, all models use the Lightning cable for iOS to TV connections, except the iPad 3 and older use the 30-pin cable, but you can pick either a digital AV or VGA adapter counting on your display’s input.

There are many third-party cables but most of them don’t work if you would like to watch video-streaming services like Netflix or Hulu, or on-demand videos like DirecTV or Comcast Xfinity.

They lack  High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) which protects against pirates capturing the content.

Plug in the adapter and connect the video output to your TV and your screen will mirror the display.

Remember to plug the USB end of the cable into the adapter and therefore the other end to an influence source, because it must be charged to play.

Note: For serving different purposes Digital AV Adapter for iOS devices comes in two models. One connects your iPhone or iPad to a TV with HDMI output, while the VGA adapter plugs into VGA-compatible peripherals, so make certain to select the proper version.

Connect Phone to TV With a Converter

A converter allows you to mirror your phone’s screen to your TV while charging its battery at an equivalent time.

This method involves plugging the converter into a USB-C port and HDMI port using your charger and HDMI cable, and your screen is going to be cast onto your TV for as long as you would like.

Finishing Line

This is the complete guide on How to Connect a Phone to a TV With USB Cable. However, Connecting a phone to a TV is not so easy.

I hope if you follow those afford mentioned methods you will able to connect your phone with your TV using a USB cable.

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