hide a folder using command prompt

In this technology age, we all use computers, And we all have some secret files. we use the software to hide those files.
Today I will show you How to hide a folder using the command prompt.
Many of us may go to the file’s properties and hide the file, but we need to know.

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Because going to the file’s properties and hiding the file is not very safe. Because there is no password.
So let’s start with the file Hide process.
We will do this in several steps. And before I say it is the command’s job, so do it exactly as I say. So let’s get started.

NB: ” please follow the exact steps what I show in this tutorials”

Steps to Hide a folder using the command prompt

we will follow some simple steps to Hide a folder using the command prompt.

First, we will open the folder which contains the file we want to hide.
Example: We will open the 3D Object folder inside this PC.

[Because the file we are hiding is inside the 3D Object]

then we can place the mouse pointer and click on it, as shown above, then Cursor will appear there. And write cmd there and hit enter.




1, type cmd and press Enter to open a Command Terminal as above, there is no reason to be afraid.

2, this time it will be shown on the “attrib<space>+h<space>+S<space>+r<space>mehedi”

[Enter the name of the file you just want to hide]

Enter the command and press Enter then it’s done.



Now the file is no longer there. I hope you think the file Hide did but how to bring it back?

No reason to worry.

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Get back the hidden file

Open the Command Terminal exactly as you did before and open the “attrib<space>-h<space>-S<space>-r<space>mehedi”

[Enter the name of the file you hid it]

Type the command and press enter.
Now, the file has come back.

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That is the simple way to Hide a folder using the command prompt. Keep secure sure data.

Like today, this will be discussed with another topic again tomorrow. please read my other tutorial best way to record the screen on windows.
All is well and stay with technology.

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