In this tutorial, we will clear cookies on Android phones or tablets. just like a desktop or other device android also save cookies. This method gives the users a better experience. websites are put cookies on your browser to identify you. Read our most popular editorial’s best themes for Android.

What is a Browser cookie?

The web cookie, not a biscuit. It is a packet of small data formally known as a browser cookie. In short, those are magic cookies. When you visit a website this website pushes a small data package in your browser.

Browser cookies normally use for identity users. When you visit again those websites thy are use those cookies to identify you.

Why you should clear cookie

A cleaning browser cookie is a good practice. When you clean your browser cookie device running fast free up your memory space. There are many sites that you never visit again in this case those site cookies are stored as a junk file on your device.

What happens if you clear cookies on android?

When you clear cookies on an Android device Some settings on sites get deleted. for instance, if you were signed in, you will need to check in again. If you switch sync on in Chrome, you’ll stay signed in to the Google Account you’re syncing to delete your data across all of your devices.

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Clear cookie on Android Device

Like the desktop browser, we should clear cookies on the android device browser. Clearing cookies on android phones and tablets are the same. in this tutorial, we are going to clear cookies on Chrome, Firefox, and the puffin browser because those are popular browsers.

clearing cookies on android can be a little bit different by android version and device.

Clear cookies on the android chrome browser

we are going to clear cookies on the android chrome browser step by step. At first, open the google chrome browser from your launcher and follow those steps.

1. Now click on 3 dots from the top right.

2. Navigate to the settings.

clear-cookies-on-android-open settings

clear-cookies-on-android-open settings

3. Scroll down for the Advance options and from there tap the privacy option.

4. When the privacy window appears from there tap Clear browsing data.



5. From clear browsing, the data window taps the down arrow to select the cleaning data period.

6. Now tap the Clear Data button.

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Clear cookies on the android Firefox browser

Clear cookies on the android Firefox browser is so easy like the Google Chrome browser. Just open your Firefox browser and follow those steps.

1. Open the Firefox browser and tap on the 3 dots icon.

2. Now navigate to Settings.



3. From settings tap on Clear Private data

4. Check the Cookies & active logs and then tap on Clear data.

Cleaning cookies steps on android are now completed.

Clear cookies on the android Puffin browser

Cleaning Cookies on the android Puffin browser is a little bit different. just simply follow those steps to clear firefox cookies and other browser data.

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1. Click on the 3 stacked menu icon and navigate to settings.



2. Tap on the privacy policy option.

3. From the privacy policy window tap on Delete Browsing Data.



4. When you Tap on Delete Browsing Data a little window will appear from there to check cookies and site data.

5. Now tap on Delete.

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In this complete guide, I am trying to show you how to clear cookies on android step by step. If you fetch any problem please comment below I will try to solve it.

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