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Changing password regularly is a good practice. If you don’t know how to do it then there’s nothing to worry about in this article we will show you How to change Yahoo mail password.

In the age of technology, everything is easier and faster for us. One of these faster works is sending a letter. Before the technology, we have to send it via post and now we send it via an electronic system which is called e-mail.

When it comes to technology security is a very important thing. For that, you can now find many e-mail service providers, and one of them is Yahoo mail, and as we say before that security is a must you can set a password with this.

If you set a password but don’t change it at a particular time you will lose the security of your mail. For that, you have to know the method of change password Yahoo mail.

Hope you will find the best method for you. So no more talk let’s check out the methods:

Change Yahoo mail password

There’s a lot of methods to change the password on Yahoo mal but finding the best one for you is difficult that’s why we are giving some best methods for you that will help you to find you the best:

Change Yahoo mail password from a browser

This is the first method on our list. You can use this method both on Desktop and mobile if you are using a web browser. The steps are given below:

Step-1: At first, you have to log in to the Yahoo account Security page.

Step-2: Here click to Change password.

Step-3: Enter a new password of your choice.

Step-4: Now click to continue.

And that’s it! Your password change is over now you can access your account with the new password.

Change Yahoo mail password from the mobile app

This is the second method on our list. You can use this method on most Yahoo mobile apps. To continue with this method do the below steps:

Step-1: At first tap the Menu icon (it’s a box with three horizontal lines).

Step-2: If you are using the Yahoo Mail app then tap on Manage Accounts.

Step-3: Then tap on Account Info.

Step-4: Now on Security Settings.

Step-5: Here you have to enter your security code.

Step-6: Then tap on Change password.

Step-7: Now you will be able to see I would rather change my password, just tap on it.

Step-9: After the taping, you will have to enter the new password as you like and then do its confirmation.

Step-10: Tap on continue.

Reset your password Yahoo Mail

Sometimes it happens that you are log in to your Yahoo account after a long time and you have forgotten the password.

Or you use the Remember me process and after a long time you have to use the password for some reason and you forget it. But you don’t know what to do or how to do it.

So here are the steps if you forget the Yahoo mail password:

Step-1:At first, you have to open Yahoo on the web browser that you have.

Step-2:Click on Sign in.

Step-3:Then enter the username that you have been used. you can also enter your E-mail address.

Step-4:After that click on next.

Step-5:Now you can see the Forgot password option.

Step-6:Here you will get an offer from Yahoo to send you a password reset link and one more thing, your options will depend on what type of contact you have configured in your Yahoo account settings.

Step-7:To receive the link there you can choose to get get a text message or an e-mail sent to a backup email address, whatever best for you.

Step-8:When you receive the reset link in your chosen way you have to follow it and then you have to enter the new password that you want to set on your Yahoo account.

NOTE: here you have to keep a thing on your mind that you have to make your new password strong and it has to be a combination of upper and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols – that’s no fewer than eight characters long.

The password will be new and you haven’t used it before.

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Finish Line

Friends this was a complete guide on How to change Yahoo mail password. Hope this guide will help you change or reset the password on your Yahoo mail account.

Please don’t feel uncomfortable telling us if you face any problem during you follow these methods that we had told you in our article otherwise you have any question to ask.

You can inform us within the comment section. we’ll try our best to answer your questions properly and as soon as possible.

And one more thing please share it with your friends.

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