Hi guys, hope you all are well. In simple words, Call Spoofing is the modern technique to guard your privacy (Hide Your Number) when making phone calls. In this tutorial, we will try to find out the 5 best call spoofing apps for Android.

There are ways to cover your identity to others. But, here we’ve listed the 5 best Call Spoofing Apps for Android smartphones. Explore the free call spoofing app for Android and other smartphones that can change your cellphone number.

Warning: Making spoof calls are legal but when you have bad intention to harm someone for something it’s illegal.

Best call spoofing Apps for Android

Now a day’s Android is the popular and trending mobile OS. There are many call Spoofing Apps for android available on the web.

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But all call Spoofing Apps aren’t for free of charge some are paid, some are trial versions and a few are giving free credits to check the service.

there are the best call spoofing apps for android available for free. before checking the list, please read our editorial’s the 5 best Play Store alternatives.

Spoof My Phone



Make any with best call spoofing apps for android. Spoof my phone is one of the most popular callers spoofing Applications. It offers a worldwide calling facility with many more premium plans.

There are two versions of spoof my phone available. Web and mobile application. jus visit their website and Create an account and make your first spoof call. Also, you can install Spoof my phone into your Android or ios device.

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Feature of Spoof My Phone:

  1. Virtual locations
  2. voice changing
  3. call recording
  4. text to speech conversion

Fake Call by QUC

This is the best app to spoof call yourself. The app fakes a call on your device. you’ll use this to urge out of embarrassing or uncomfortable positions.

It boasts the best compatibility with Samsung devices since that’s the animation it uses, but it should function on most devices.

Feature of Fake Call by QUC:

  1. schedule fake calls
  2. schedule multiple calls
  3. Custom name
  4. Custom Photo

Covert Calling

Covert calling available with caller ID spoof and lots of features which are spoofing of text messages, voice changing, call recording. But? These extra features are available only within the premium plan.

They are offering paid plans starting at 10USD, you’ll available 100 minutes of talk time for $10 alongside all premium features. The payment mode is all kinds of debit cards, credit cards, and PayPal. For more details, you’ll visit their official portal.

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Features of Covert calling:

  1. text massage
  2. voice changing
  3. call recording

Crazy call


Crazy Call

This is the Ultimate Fake calling app. you can easily spoof your call using a crazy call. Official and unofficial versions available for download. the unofficial version is available on and the official version is available in the Google play store.

Feature of Crazy call:

  1. Mobile number changing
  2. Voice changing
  3. Set your desired number

Fake Me a Call

This app just like Fake Call by Avago. It allows you to receive a fake call from a contact of your choice. Again, this is often useful for getting out of awkward or uncomfortable situations or to only mess together with your friends.

The app allows you to decide the amount and photo of the fake caller. you’ll also schedule calls and even set a specified ringtone for your fake caller. We like this one because it’s tons of little additions that we quite like.

As an example, it uses the proximity sensor to work out if the phone is near your face so it’ll turn the screen dark as your actual dialer app would do. the professional version is an absurd $10.99, but otherwise, this is often one among the great spoof call apps.

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Feature of Fake me a call:

  1. text massage
  2. voice changing
  3. call recording

Last Word

There are the best spoofing apps to make some prank calls to friends and family you may try any app from the list here. Thanks for reading the best call spoofing apps for Android. If you like this article keep sharing it with your friends.

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