Android Emulators are the best way to simulate an Android device in our non-android device. in this article, we are going to list some best android emulators for Linux.

Since smartphones came into our life, Android get more popularity on its own. Now we all are want to use Android Apps on our devices. However, it’s not an android device.

For installing and using the android apps on a non-android device, people use an Android emulator on their PC. If you are a windows user you can, as there’s tons of software available for emulating Android on a Windows computer.

But if you are using Linux then what about your android emulators?  There’s nothing to worry about because if you’re already using a Linux distro, or thinking about moving to Linux, there are some of the best Android Emulators for Linux that you can use.

5 best Android Emulator for Linux

Nowadays over 2.5  billion devices run on Android OS. But most Android devices can not run Android apps smoothly. Some highly considerable android emulators can run any Android Apps smoothly on your Linux desktop.




Anbox is one of the mos Advance Android emulators for Linux which was developed especially for running Android applications directly in your Linux system.

It is the foremost modern emulator on this list, Anbox has been enjoying a cult following since its inception into the mainstream emulation world. Even the motto of this amazing emulation platform is to enable every developer to run their favorite Android apps in their Linux system regardless of differing distros.

If you’re trying to find the simplest and productive Android Emulator for Linux which will allow you to play even the foremost resource-intensive games natively, Anbox is here for you.

Feature of Anbox:

  • optimized container
  • standard Linux technologies
  • versatile Android emulator
  • software and add convenient packages for fun
  • containerized design

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Android-x86 is a pioneer Android emulator for Linux that aims to form it possible to run your Android emulation directly into your PC hardware.

Their objective was to deliver a top-notch Android emulator for Linux which can take the Android ecosystem out of the normal ARM chips utilized in smartphones and can run efficiently in both AMD and x86 based hardware.

And after succeeding to run abundant resource-intensive Android apps without any trouble, I will assure you that this powerful Android emulator lives up to its prognosis.

Features of Android-x86:

  • Virtual Machine installation
  • Standalone Live system
  • Default support for netbook native resolution
  • In-built support for Wi-Fi
  • Default debug mode

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If you’re seeking the simplest Android Emulators for Linux, the likelihood is that you’ll stumble across the name Genymotion almost everywhere.

It’s a flexible Linux Android emulator that lets users run Android virtual devices not only within the desktop but also on the cloud. The powerful desktop version offers all the services you’d search for during a top-notch emulator.

Genymotion makes sure its users get what they need by providing the choice of 3000+ virtual Android device configurations.

Features of Genymotion:

  • Interruptions for call or SMS
  • Built-in disk IO
  • Forward sensor, like a gyroscope
  • Pixel perfect Display
  • Compatible with Android SDK

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Andro VM

Andro VM

Andro VM

The Andro VM project was developed and moderated by the developers at Genymotion, and it indeed shows their intention of bringing the simplest Linux Android emulator for us.

Like Genymotion, this awe-inspiring Android emulator Linux packs such a lot of power into one package and is certainly falls among one of the simplest Android Emulators for Linux.

Offline connectivity is where Andro VM triumphs Genymotion. once you run your Android apps or games inside the Genymotion emulator, a stable internet connection is mandatory.

However, Andro VM allows you to run such applications seamlessly without having any kind of network connectivity.

Features of Andro VM:

  • Built-in support for OpenGL
  • Default support for Net Sharing
  • Both 32 bit and 64 bit systems

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The Shashlik hit the market targeting people such as you who want to urge up and running with their Linux Android emulator as fast as possible.

Not like most Android Emulators for Linux, Shashlik doesn’t require you to put in a Virtual Machine in your Linux system to function.

However, this project is still in development progress. but it can provide you an outstanding user experience and iron most of the apps smoothly without any trouble.

Features of Shashlik:

  • Integrates the core Android packages
  • OpenGL infrastructure
  • Usable in most mainstream Linux distros
  • Utilize Google Play Services

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Last Word

This is the list of best Android emulators for Linux Which of the above emulator is your favorite? Or any other suggestion? Let me know in the comments!

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